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by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-03
Hefei specialty compound plastic factory in hefei compound plastic factory at the same time, if the damage is sticky adhesive surface, adhesive polluting the glued surfaces, this kind of adhesive is called pressure sensitive adhesive. Characteristics of the object of adhesive is widely, bonding and sealing, wide application range, paper, plastic, metal, ceramic and so on all have better stick relay; 1, can under the professional instrument for testing analyzing the composition of hot melt adhesive, so that we can get the accurate data. 1. Solid content, there are gap filling, to avoid the edge roll up, bubble and crack, and cause the glued parts deformation, dislocation and contraction. Because there was no solvent, lumber moisture content is not change, no fire and poisoning. Due to initial adhesion was mainly affected by segment activity, and its viscosity influence mainly by cohesion strength, therefore, it is generally believed that formula soft monomer, low molecular weight, and the width of the existence of the molecular weight distribution can improve the adhesive can tack, hard monomer, crosslinking branched factors will improve adhesive can hold viscous, and exist in stripping experiment, pressure sensitive adhesive peel failure mode shift ( Interface damage or cohesion damage) , therefore, need to consider these factors impact on adhesion force and cohesive strength. 2. Adhesive, coating and adhesive between several seconds, however, saw the head and trimming can be finished in 24 seconds, do not need drying time, can be used for continuous, wood adhesive production line automation, improve the production efficiency, save the cost factory. Because the viscosity test medium pressure sensitive adhesive is cohesive failure ( Will leave a residue glue) , so the viscous mainly reflects the cohesion strength of rubber. 3. Widely used for bonding a variety of materials. Hefei composite plastic factory professional pressure sensitive adhesive is generally not used directly in glued content of adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive is made through a variety of material of pressure sensitive adhesive products ( Duct tape and adhesive label) 。 1) water-based glue with water as solvent, drying process, there will be no VOC emissions, thus water-based glue is environmental friendly products; Because do not use organic solvent, and because the range of the cost of crude oil prices rise is much smaller than solvent-based adhesive, relative to the solvent adhesive, water-based adhesive has cost advantage; (1) the warehouse should be managed by accepted the professional training of personnel; (2) the initial force: water-based glue with water as solvent, the adhesive must be in the water fully evaporated, the resin particles together, each other can be reflected, the slower performance in solvent adhesive viscosity, thus early water-based adhesive force are usually more weak than solvent-based adhesive; (2) the deposit interval should keep a certain distance interval, ensure warehouse air convection; Initial adhesion by pressure sensitive adhesive under less pressure on the base material fast 'wetting' formed by the bond strength, mainly determined by the chain of activity, only when the chain of activity is very strong, can with the rough surface of the substrate to form a good wetting, and contact with the substrate molecules at the molecular level, can be produced by the interaction between molecules enough bonding strength. 4. Can be several times of adhesive, coating on the wood hot melt adhesive, do not meet the requirements for cooling solidification, can be reheated for secondary bonding. Hefei professional compound plastic factory ( The initiator) Ammonium persulfate 0. g(29日 Protecting glue) Poly (vinyl alcohol) 1. Take a small amount of lotion to pass 3 g methanol precipitation, filtration vacuum drying after washing, take a small amount of measure its infrared spectrum. Hefei professional textile composite glue factory 6, add pur hot melt adhesive, should check whether pur hot melt glue barrel distortion, deformation serious pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive glue barrel used should be abandoned, avoid damage to pur hot melt adhesive machine pressure plate. Hot melt adhesive are textiles, especially using much more of a kind of adhesive, garment processing is widely used for non-woven fabrics, carpet seams, cloth lining, zippers, etc. Of the adhesive. Applied to the hot melt adhesive on the textile industry should have good bonding strength, excellent flexibility, resistance to water to wash/dry cleaning. In addition, because of the fabric in the process of shape, mostly through steam treatment, therefore, requires adhesive has the characteristics of high temperature steam its softening point requirements higher than 115 ℃, the third must have the appropriate degree of crystallinity, in order to improve the thermal stability of the adhesive. With polyamide as the substrate, for example, the minimum content of 45% ( The mass fraction) 。 For softness excellent fabrics, insist on hot melt adhesive has lower viscosity. Eight, hot melt adhesive and solvent using general safety precautions: suggest using hair roller, to ensure uniform cloth and rubber, unfavorable choose brush and spatula this product already adjust the indicators according to the laminating process, when using, do not add water or other solvents 20 kg, 50 kg bottled product use has good gloss, good heat resistance and freeze resistance, corrosion resistance strong sex 40 - solid components 50±2%( 105℃±1. 5℃/ 3 h) Should stir well when using packaging and storage definition 1: use refers to the pressure, it can make adhesive instantly at any glued glue material is bright and clean surface. Construction is convenient, the equipment cover an area of an area small, save manpower, and can be sprayed, roller coating, coating, dots, lines, and so on. Hefei professional compound plastic factory 5, used the occasion of pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine should guarantee the rapid flow of air.
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