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How do you use the shaanxi whole series of industrial glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-01
Shaanxi full series of how to use industrial glue shaanxi full series of industrial glue is how to use the boiling point of 74 ~ 75 ℃ ( 667Pa) 。 1) water-based glue with water as solvent, drying process, there will be no VOC emissions, thus water-based glue is environmental friendly products; Because do not use organic solvent, and because the range of the cost of crude oil prices rise is much smaller than solvent-based adhesive, relative to the solvent adhesive, water-based adhesive has cost advantage; Drinks with polyester bottle base, cans are available adhesive bonding. (2) the initial force: water-based glue with water as solvent, the adhesive must be in the water fully evaporated, the resin particles together, each other can be reflected, the slower performance in solvent adhesive viscosity, thus early water-based adhesive force are usually more weak than solvent-based adhesive; (3) carpet back glue with hot melt adhesive 3, because of its special laminating adhesive formula, its speed is not soon, so don't pull within 12 hours after fit well or on to the next working procedure, in order to avoid a phenomenon of viscous force is not enough; Glue is a use of inorganic nanometer materials made by polycondensation reaction of high temperature resistant inorganic nano composite binder, the strong cohesive force and no corrosive to metal substrate is not only, and can keep good adhesive performance under high temperature and corrosion resistance, long service life. (3) : late because of the small water molecules than solvent-based adhesive, can penetrate into the surface of the material smaller pore, equivalent to cast anchor in the material surface, its late on and solvent adhesive, with some suitable for cast anchor porous materials, such as mesh cloth and EVA, the late strength is better than solvent-based adhesive; At the same time, the relevant domestic raw materials manufacturers should also recognize the development potential of the hot melt adhesive industry, increase the localization rate of raw materials, reduce the loss of foreign exchange caused by a large number of imported raw materials. 3 type water-based glue suitable shoes and shoes in general organic solvent, and water miscibility. Common material in: (1) the bottom of the PU, TPU, rubber, EVA, nylon, leather, artificial leather, you can use water-based glue; Flash point ( Open cup) 104℃。 (2) high oil content,> 15%) The outermost layer of skin, prevent water splashing of the processed material and some bounce big hard material, we do not recommend using water-based glue; Shaanxi how to use full range of industrial adhesive used in elastomer, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive can be further divided into natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, thermoplastic elastomer pressure-sensitive adhesive. ( 17) The solar cell; (3) paste, and glue ( Offices, schools and libraries use) 。 (3) for some sports strength of the body, such as football shoes, also use water-based glue is not recommended. Shaanxi how to use full range of industrial glue viscosity 5. 34mPa·s( 25℃) 。 Current packaging materials to the beautiful, light and durable, inclusions with good quality, such as direction of development, production to develop in the direction of automation, mechanization and rapidness. Shaanxi how to use full range of industrial glue which water resistant, resist erosion took condensation of moisture in the air out of the ice house and long-distance transport across the environment even more.
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