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How do you use the shaoxing production sealing glue

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-18
Shaoxing production sealing glue sealing glue produced by shaoxing how use due to different flame retardants and the compatibility of acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, the flame retardant effect can make a big different. Due to the particularity of pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, also known as wet pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, also known as wet cause sclerosis of reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive, hereinafter referred to as pur hot melt adhesive, when used in hot melt such as contact with the water vapor in the air from curing reaction, therefore with pur hot melt adhesive machine need to air in the process of melting and the use of total isolation, pur hot melt adhesive machine is specially designed for polyurethane hot melt adhesive glue. You may need to know about pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine. After understanding the characteristics of the pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive, to understand the following maintenance is easy. If you use the pur hot melt adhesive machine skin is in the process of high temperature liquid pur hot melt adhesive, then please do not try to pur hot melt adhesive by wiping off skin, at the same time immediately will be injured, or rinse in clean, cold water for a until the dust on the skin of pur hot melt adhesive cool completely. 4, ensure the pur hot melt adhesive machine operation under the specified voltage, if used by power supply voltage is different from the specified standards, may be the cause of hot melt adhesive machine was burned down. Shaoxing how production sealing glue with polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine with ordinary hot melt adhesive machine but not the whole process of hot melt glue completely cut off from the air, ordinary hot melt adhesive machine is the hot melt adhesive melting from down to up, pur to melt polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine is made up of pur hot melt adhesive, so pur hot melt adhesive is the core parts of the machine hot melt adhesive pressure plate heating element. C, before using cleaning solvents, must check whether indoor air liquidity is good, avoid to use open flame, not under the environment of air does not flow cleaning pur hot melt adhesive machine. Shaoxing production how to use sealing glue sealing preservation. With a clean, wet cloth on the area. Used by the tool before drying of glue can be used warm water to clean. This is to develop early, since production is still a lot of kind of rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are natural rubber elastomer as the main body, cooperate with viscosity-enhancing resin, softening agent, stabilizer, fillers and crosslinking ( Sulfide) Agent such as the complex mixture of additives, due to the natural rubber has both high cohesion strength and elasticity, and can very good miscibility with many viscosity resin, get high viscosity and good wettability of glued materials, so the natural rubber is ideal type of pressure sensitive adhesive main body material. Its main drawback is that there are unsaturated double bonds in molecules, poor light and oxygen aging resistance. But by crosslinking and use measures such as protective agent, can make its weather resistance and heat resistance improved. Made from natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive can almost all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive products. Shaoxing production sealing glue in 1. Four characteristics of the hot melt adhesive curing speed, curing several seconds, cooling heating molten, sticky characteristics, facilitate continuous, automatic high-speed operation, improved the production efficiency and reduces the cost; Solids and contains no solvents, non-toxic environmental protection, energy saving, won't produce secondary pollution to the environment; Non reactive hot melt adhesive can be repeatedly melt adhesive, especially suitable for some special technical requirements of component adhesive, as some of the cultural relics repair; Three, pur hot melt glue machine for rubber considerations: 1, the installation and use of pur hot melt adhesive machine, other debris must not be placed on the body or used as padding instruments. In order to improve the flame retardant in the dispersion of pressure sensitive adhesive, enhance its compatibility with pressure sensitive adhesive, can undertake some processing of flame retardant, common are greatly enhanced, surface activation and microcapsule, etc. Shaoxing sealing glue production how to use but they are not natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. Well cementing technology of cigarette production, bottle labeling and books binding to the direction of high speed production and development, their productivity per minute (8000, 1300 and 100 respectively.
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