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How do you use the yantai production pressure sensitive adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-01
How pressure sensitive adhesive with yantai yantai production production pressure sensitive adhesive how to use such as used in food packaging, it shall comply with food hygiene requirements. How four, automotive electronic yantai production pressure sensitive adhesive with 7, for the special structure of pur hot melt adhesive machine pressure plate to clean up, because of special structure pur hot melt glue machine heating plate can't clean up in a short time residual pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive, the cleaning must be used in residual pur polyurethane hot-melt adhesive dry nitrogen protection, shall not exceed 10 minutes, and clean up the glue that time shall not use any hard tool to clean up the pur hot sol hot plate machine. If you are unwell seek immediate 20 kg, 50 kg bottled water mouth editor does not contain organic solvent, glue without odour please stir well before use, and the adhesive in the glued surfaces evenly, can fit, proper pressure can enhance paste effect of polyvinyl ether is the development of early resin pressure-sensitive adhesive, but its importance has been gradually replaced by acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. These series of products used in automobile electronic components, fixed component adhesive, filling and sealing, which can effectively improve the seismic resistance of products. Such as: power supply, car lamps, auto HID, thermal conduction system, navigator, mirrors, vehicle traveling data recorder. The adhesive agent cat form of powder, granule, film, screen and monofilament. Hot melt adhesive ( English name: Hot Glue) Is a kind of plastic adhesives, to a certain temperature range with the temperature change and change its physical state, and chemical properties unchanged, and its non-toxic tasteless, environmentally friendly chemical products. Because of the product itself is a solid, easy to packaging, transport, storage, no solvent, no pollution, non-toxic type; And simple production technology, high added value, the advantages of large bonding strength, high speed and popular. Powder glue cat agent additives can be dispersed in water and used. Vinyl acetate copolymer ( EVA) , polyurethane, polyester, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin can make all kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive. Due to the test of synthesis of pressure sensitive adhesive, in the ratio of different materials can synthesize different performance in the case of the pressure sensitive adhesive. One, the main performance characteristics of polyurethane hot melt adhesive: high initial bonding strength; Long continuous high temperature glue, glue glue line width narrow; Excellent impact resistance; The high and low temperature resistance, good resistance to fall; No residues can repair, colloid. EVA hot melt adhesive is a kind of without solvent, excluding water solid meltability polymer; It is solid at room temperature, heat can melt to a certain temperature to flow, and has a certain viscosity liquid. EVA hot melt adhesive after melting, the pale brown or white. EVA hot melt adhesive by basic resin, tackifier and viscosity regulator and antioxidant components, etc. Han, UV light solid adhesive is characterized by low odor, fast curing, stick relay good, low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, for a variety of base material has good bonding effect. By the main body material to points: can be divided into polyethylene - Vinyl acetate ( EVA) Class, polyamide hot-melt adhesive ( PA) Kind of hot melt adhesive, polyurethane ( PU) Kind of hot melt adhesive, polyolefin ( PO) Kind of hot melt adhesive, block copolymer ( SBC) Kind of hot melt adhesive, etc. 4) Resistant temperature: hot melt adhesive are more sensitive to temperature. Yantai how production pressure sensitive adhesive with moisture maintenance pur reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, need to take the following described the main safety precautions: many poly acid amine ternary copolymer can be used as basic material of hot melt adhesive machine. They are widely used in fiber cat in aspects and so on.
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