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How many people in Sinograce R&D department?
Water-based acrylic emulsion R&D was in the heart of the business since the start. We've assembled a range of R&D talents. Our R&D team generates trustworthy products, services, and systems which lead to enhancing the level of your business. Our developmental tasks are tightly tied to our economy targets.

Anhui Sinograce Chemical Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer for water based adhesive. The waterproof coatings series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product is able to withstand the most rigorous medical conditions. Made from new materials, like improved steel alloys and other composites, it is durable. This product features excellent chloride ion resistance. People praise that the yarn twist, strength, structure, joint/seam strength, as well as its thickness are all precise and exquisite.

The policy of pressure sensitive adhesive film is the business core for Sinograce. Please contact us!
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