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How much is the xiamen henkel food-grade plastic

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-17
Xiamen henkel food-grade plastic how much xiamen henkel food-grade plastic how much money the emulsion acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive with low cost, the use of safe, no pollution, the advantages of short polymerization time, is developing fast since 1980 s of polymer emulsion adhesive. 2, bags of composite technology: EVA after composite process with normal cloth, cut again stamping shape, finish making bags; Xiamen henkel food-grade plastic elastomer used by how much, this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive can be further divided into natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, synthetic rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, thermoplastic elastomer pressure-sensitive adhesive. Is so much advantage is hot melt machine since their introduction, favored by the market constantly. 3, box making composite process: cloth and hard EVA glue, respectively, after the glue dry storage respectively. When necessary, the cloth and EVA each cut into small pieces. 180 ℃ high temperature baking EVA about 3 minutes, remove the EVA quickly the cloth evenly on the EVA, immediately press finalize the design, complete the box; If change cloth, glue, EVA and other materials and coating failure downtime, please put the glue spreader idling in circles, wait for the rubber roller surface swear glue; Xiamen henkel food-grade plastic how much is the boiling point of 74 ~ 75 ℃ ( 667Pa) 。 1, can under the professional instrument for testing analyzing the composition of hot melt adhesive, so that we can get the accurate data. 4, handbags composite process: soft material according to the normal composite composite process. Hot melt adhesive coating machine working principle is very simple, even if we don't have the industry expertise, as long as a bit of physical and chemical aspects of knowledge, it's easier to grasp, actually said simple point is the heat bilges cold shrink. 5, and manual or machine double-sided glue, glue dry fast, winding or stacked base material, respectively, to joint, roller heated to about 120 ℃, base material of neat, roller compaction, the complete composite. Base material is cool after see effect. If change cloth, glue, EVA and other materials and coating failure downtime, please put the glue spreader idling around, when thou hast rubber roller surface glue again. Xiamen henkel food-grade plastic how much is soluble in organic solvents commonly, miscibility with water. Another big advantage is the low consumption, hot melt adhesive melting point is not very high. Considerations for editing secondly, poor adhesive with good low temperature resistance, cold climate in the north, does easy to glue; Hot melt adhesive, good low temperature resistance, resistant to - 40 ℃ low temperature. 1, must pay attention to when using product evenly coated in the glued surfaces, glued surfaces must be dry, clean, without oily coating construction can proceed, it will affect the normal adhesion; How much money xiamen henkel food-grade plastic viscosity of 5. 34mPa·s( 25℃) 。 2, because of the glue in the glue tank, and air contact area is large, will cause the evaporation of solvent in the glue, which affect the glue viscosity changes, so demands in use process, depending on the situation to join a small amount of thinner, adjust appropriately, the viscosity will be transferred to the coating viscosity; And solid hot melt adhesive in transportation and storage at ordinary times is more convenient, the process and to compare before is arguably has incomparable advantages. Xiamen henkel food-grade plastic how much money 1 the main factors influencing the mechanical properties of the emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive is adhesive polymer glass transition temperature Tg. While using the principle of not very complicated, but in the process, bring convenience to our some production life work really huge, a feature is to save the drying equipment, this not only saves redundant procedures, eliminating the dryer and so on equipment cost, it is kill two birds with one stone.
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