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How much money qinhuangdao professional compound rubber

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-23
Qinhuangdao professional compound plastic how much how much qinhuangdao professional compound plastic packaging used to maintain good health and storage is suitable for BOPP, PET aluminum plating film and paper combined with the technical indicators viscosity 15 ~ 40 s and adjust the indicators according to the laminating process, when using, do not add water or other solvents 20 kg, 50 kg bottled product use this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive early elastomer is used in the natural rubber, later gradually extended to all kinds of synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer. 5, and manual or machine double-sided glue, glue dry fast, winding or stacked base material, respectively, to joint, roller heated to about 120 ℃, base material of neat, roller compaction, the complete composite. Base material is cool after see effect. If change cloth, glue, EVA and other materials and coating failure downtime, please put the glue spreader idling around, when thou hast rubber roller surface glue again. Second, poor adhesive with good low temperature resistance, cold climate in the north, does easy to glue; Hot melt adhesive, good low temperature resistance, resistant to - 40 ℃ low temperature. Note editor hot melt adhesive coating machine working principle is very simple, even if we don't have the industry expertise, as long as the understanding some knowledge of the physical and chemical aspects of it's easier to grasp, actually said simple point is the heat bilges cold shrink. 1, must pay attention to when using product evenly coated in the glued surfaces, glued surfaces must be dry, clean, without oily coating construction can proceed, it will affect the normal adhesion; Qinhuangdao professional compound plastic how much 2, according to the pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine and additional peripheral devices required load, check the use of the power cord and insulation protection is in line with the regulation, load of the wire must be higher than the rated power of the pur hot melt glue machine more than thirty percent. Another big advantage is the low consumption, hot melt adhesive melting point is not very high. 2, because of the glue in the glue tank, and air contact area is large, will cause the evaporation of solvent in the glue, which affect the glue viscosity changes, so demands in use process, depending on the situation to join a small amount of thinner, adjust appropriately, the viscosity will be transferred to the coating viscosity; How much money qinhuangdao professional compound plastic viscosity of 5. 34mPa·s( 25℃) 。 And the storage life of hot-melt adhesive for 2 years, store covers an area of small, no special storage requirements; And tape storage is valid only for half a year, also requires a certain storage conditions, otherwise easy to spoil. 3, because of its special laminating adhesive formula, its speed is not soon, so don't pull within 12 hours after fit well or on to the next working procedure, in order to avoid a phenomenon of viscous force is not enough; How much money qinhuangdao professional compound plastic flash point ( Open cup) 104℃。 The boiling point of 74 ~ 75 ℃ ( 667Pa) 。 4, before using this product should be ready to test again for mass production, please don't literally change has set the production technology, so as not to cause bad adhesion. If you need change, please contact our technical department, we will arrange the technical support to cooperate with your company's production process; How much money qinhuangdao professional compound rubber
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