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How much money shaoxing professional packaging adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-20
Shaoxing professional packaging plastic how much shaoxing professional packaging plastic how much 4, clean up the pur hot melt adhesive machine heating platen, workers must wear special high temperature resistant protective clothing, with high temperature resistant gloves, do not make the skin contact with hot melt glue barrel, molten pur hot melt adhesive and hot plate and high temperature parts, to avoid. 5. Water-based glue to use plastic containers, do not use metal containers, otherwise it will affect the glue of resistance to yellowing coefficient. Shaoxing professional packaging adhesive edit 1 how much steps method measures. Will be zero. 57 g of ammonium persulfate dissolved in 5 ml of distilled water, made from 5% ammonium persulfate solution. 2, should guarantee the pur hot melt adhesive machine using the environment clean, pur glue machine on the pressure plate can not have infusible solid, impurities, iron filings, screw, wire head, hard sharp objects such as solid content. 6. Water-based glue because volatilizes slower, must add 5% of waterborne curing agent, and mixing 5 - 8 minutes, mix evenly, add the curing agent of glue must be finished within 4 hours, do not use the next day. Shaoxing professional packaging plastic how much is the plastic 6 according to the weight of the brackets than add hardener ( 100:5) ; Today hardener added amount is accurate right amount, will affect the early stages of the water-based glue then force and heat resistance; All landowners with pneumatic stirrer, set of mixing time, under the 300 ∽ 500 RPM speed, stirring for 10 minutes. Search the public number: WPU - 88 China adhesive platform 8 water-borne pressure sensitive adhesive: stick on the tag is not enough, or early attachment is weak; Vacuum suction plastic: positioning surface bubble, and the early strength is low; Paper packaging glue: glue machine after become warped outlet, need to bale or weight. 3, food packaging industry: in recent years, food safety more and more get the attention of people, our life is also true that there are too many unsafe food, milk powder, rice, cooking oil, dead pork, fake, and expired mooncakes, expired milk, etc. , and even some domestic famous brands, propaganda 'victory by wisdom, victory by Germany' big companies are selling tainted milk, China user who really don't know what to believe and who should not trust, the whole image of the Chinese brand hit hard. 7. In the 50 - water-based glue drying temperature 3-60 ℃, drying time About 5 minutes. 1, in cleaning up pur polyurethane hot-melt adhesive machine, you must first make the hot melt adhesive plate away from the pur hot melt glue barrel and pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive glue barrel with pur hot-melt adhesive machine, after the hot dish out should be in keeping the lift cylinder under the condition of internal pressure, cut off all the power. 8. Water-based glue cannot add oil curing agent, otherwise easy to cause death glue or glue agglomerate, cannot use. Shaoxing professional packaging plastic how much 5, pur hot melt adhesive machine in the transport and handling process, must always keep pur hot melt adhesive machine, vertical if tilted handling or transportation will damage the positioning precision of pur hot melt glue machine, may also be damaged pur hot melt adhesive machine. Pu polyurethane including pressure sensitive adhesive and PUR water-borne pressure sensitive adhesive glue, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, is a kind of pressure sensitive adhesive, mainly composed of synthetic rubber and resin and rubber oil mixture heating molten state and then coated on cotton paper, cloth or plastic film, such as base material and made a new type of adhesive tape, on the advantages of low cost is its defects is affected by temperature is obvious adhesive. 9. To thin and uniform, water-based glue coating is too thick, after drying, can clearly see the underlying material, if see is the white layer and the brush glue is too thick. Used in aviation, automobile, electronic appliances, machinery, building materials industry, shipbuilding industry, petroleum and chemical industry, etc. Shaoxing professional packaging plastic how much hot melt adhesive machine in appearance, in addition to used in color printing paper when you need to add the corresponding pigment, general and high grade rubber or film surface is smooth, shiny, no rough milky white or pale yellow solid impurities. Hot melt adhesive main components, namely basic resin is ethylene and acetic acid ethylene copolymerization under high pressure, and combined with viscous agent, viscosity regulator, antioxidant and so on to make hot melt adhesive.
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