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How to avoid the deinking water-based ink

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-22
During rainy weather to print the carton, how to prevent deinking phenomenon? Can be controlled from the following two aspects, from the viscosity of water-based ink control, high viscosity of water-based ink not only cause deinking, still can cause printing blurred. As a result, this kind of weather need to viscosity of water-based ink to lower, concentration of water-based ink color, it can make the drying speed, fast drying speed to avoid the phenomenon of deinking. 2, in addition to the viscosity, also need to control the pressure of the printing press, control the carton clearance, clearance in the thickness of the cardboard - probably 0. Within 4 mm, if clearance too close, then the subsequent need to increase the printing pressure, thus easy to cause the deinking phenomenon. This kind of situation need to reduce the feed pressure, such doing can guarantee the hardness of the cardboard, so can reduce printing pressure, avoid the phenomenon of deinking.
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