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How to choose your disinfectant?

How to choose your disinfectant?


With covid – 19 pandemic you need to have a better understanding of disinfectants and choose the right one.

Here is an out line of the factors to be considered, but even before that lets see the mechanism of action. Non toxic disinfectant kill micro-organisms using the following mechanisms

Mechanism of action

= Denaturation of proteins eg: alcohol

= Positive charge of the product binds with negatively-charged bacterial membrane and dissolves the cell wall eg:Quaternary ammonium cations( quats)

= Denatures proteins and lipids; ruptures sensitive sulfhydryl and sulfur bonds in proteins, enzymes and other metabolites. Eg : Oxidising agents – Chlorine and peroxy compound

How to choose your disinfectant?

Effectiveness and Dilution

Effectiveness, is all for what you are using the disinfectant and should kill 99.9% germs.If you are to disinfect a surface that’s dirty, look for the one that exactly does that, for most disinfectants are not effective on dirty surfacesSinograce Chemical  disinfectant cleaner does an excellent job even on dirty surfaces. Dilutions prescribed should be strictly followed for effectiveness. Dilution has a great impact on price and can be considered when budgeting.

Is it safe for humans?

Being safe for humans should be of utmost importance whilst killing germs.If usage of the product recommends PPE (Personal Protective Equipments)follow it strictly. Also check on compatibility with different surfaces and materials to avoid staining or adverse reactions.


Its high time we shift to eco-friendly products as we have ruined the earth enough and mother nature is teaching us lessons. The new norm the government would be encouraging is eco-friendly products. Choose them to do your bit in giving back to the world. All Sinograce Chemical products are eco- friendly.

Frequency of use

At what intervals disinfection needs to be carried out? This actually varies according to the area that’s treated. For example frequent touch points like elevator buttons, taps, switches, door knobs, biometric punching etc. need to be disinfected every hour and by doing so 80% of the problem is solved. Then comes exteriors, common pathways,cafeterias etc. 

Contact time

Every disinfectant requires minimum contact time to work at its fullest efficacy in killing germs. For example if the manufacturer recommended contact time for a product is 10 min, you should make sure that the surface is capable of holding the product for the said duration else would not serve the purpose. Sinograce Chemical ‘s disinfectant P60, has short contact time of 5min , also check other products with varying contact time.

Shelf Life

As far as shelf life is considered its important to note two things,

1.Shelf life of the product in its concentrated form

2.Shelf life after dilution

Concentrated products have to be used well within its shelf life (usually 1-2 yrs) else would not be effective to its potential. After dilution most of the disinfectants have shelf life of 24 hrs after which they have to be discarded safely; check manufacturer instructions.

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