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How to control in the process of using water-based ink color

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-29
Water-based ink in the production of color link is an important part of the color difference control, a lot of water-based ink production enterprises, in the process of color only pay attention to the experience or by feeling for toning, there is no standard formula, the proportion of the audio. So not only did not help on the issue of color difference, the hue can't under control. Has advanced color mixing equipment, and in every color after device is calculated, ensure color accuracy is above 98%, fundamentally control the color difference problem. Secondly if printing enterprise buy water-based ink need their toning, attention should be paid to avoid using different manufacturer of water-based ink to blending toning, need to use the same manufacturer of water-based ink color, color mixing workers need to fully grasp all kinds of printing ink hue slants phase, is helpful to control in the process of color. Color if you have used before to the residual ink, you must first make clear of the water-based ink color, can scrape ink scraping the sample observation comparison, and then add, add weight should be ready before weighing, and record the data.
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