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How to effectively control the fineness of water-based ink cartons?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-27
Carton of water-based ink fineness is a quality indicator, is refers to the size of the toner particles in a water-based ink, completed in the process of production of printing ink fineness indexes is crucial for water-based ink cartons, so how are we to control fineness? In a lot of carton printing enterprise, for the cartons of water-based ink control is very strict, this has a solution, only to do so to ensure the quality of the product. Method is as follows: in the production of printing ink can join in the process of dispersant and wetting agent, color paste process whether science, fineness of absolute effect in the quality of water-based ink. In the printing process, the viscosity is too low will cause the color shallow, high viscosity and will cause the dirty version, paste version phenomenon, so please join transfer agent when it is difficult to control, can improve the effect of transfer, increase the colourful and stereo feeling. General of water-based ink fineness requirement in 20 & mu; M, too much carefully or water-based ink will affect its liquidity and rheological property. Ordinary carton water-based ink viscosity are control in 25 35 / ~ 25 ℃, Tu 4 # cup) 。 Because the viscosity directly affects the quality of the ink metastatic and prints. Control the fineness of indicators, will make the cartons improve the production efficiency and quality of water-based ink. In carton water-based ink is for carton, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, paper, printing product research and development production of a water-based ink, with appropriate viscosity of flexo printing, printing products bright no fading, no bubbles, easy to clean features such as color change, also has the environmental protection non-toxic, not volatilize harmful gas pollution environment, do not damage the printing worker health, and low cost validation from printing factory.
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