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How to ensure the stability of the water-based ink

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-27
If water-based ink stability is not good, is caused due to poor dispersion of pigment precipitation, cause stability is bad, which affect the printing quality of printing effect and quality, if appear the question, can use the following methods to solve. In order to prevent the water-based ink pigment precipitation, need to stir well before use water-based ink. If it is a new ink, need to stir in advance, in just the right amount of water and ethanol to dilute, and in the process of printing and interval after a period of time and then to stir, to prevent ink pigment precipitation, can also prevent plugging version problem. Grace in water-based ink made of imported raw materials, stable quality, quality guaranteed, applicable in flexo printing and gravure printing on paper, paper box, bag, etc.
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