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How to improve the water-based adhesive bonding strength, viscous lotion, I come for you

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-09
Improve early water-based adhesive viscous force, viscous emulsion, we are very professional! For water-based coating system and, in some with low surface energy of the substrate is very likely to be the problem of wetting, and wood surface tension is low, by adding a small amount of substrate wetting agent, can achieve the goal of reducing coating surface tension, make the coating becomes easy to coating. A substrate wetting agent effect depends on whether under its usage can also reduce the surface tension of the system ( Such as: poor adhesion between the coating and blister easily, increased the water sensitivity of the system, etc. ) 。 The substrate wetting agent besides can effectively reduce the surface tension of the system, increase the wettability and permeability for wood, also can promote the compatibility of defoaming agent and system, improve the adhesion between the layers. Substrate wetting agent molecules containing hydrophobic and hydrophilic groups in two parts at the same time. The molecule structure, inevitable molecular orientation, make a sharp drop in the liquid surface tension. Molecular nonpolar parts remain in the liquid to the direction of the air, polarity part stay in the water phase. The types of substrate wetting agent: anionic surfactant, nonionic surfactant, polyether modified polysiloxane and etc. The variety and dosage of substrate wetting agent should be based on surface tension of waterborne wood paint resin ( Substrate wetting and spreading ability) , base material of interfacial tension, the variety and dosage of defoaming agent and other factors. The choice can be through the experiment to determine: water-based resin ( Polyurethane emulsion) 3% of wetting agent, under the condition of 2000 RPM high speed dispersed after the defoaming effect was observed. This requires substrate wetting agent in high dynamic construction process can improve the wettability and flow property, quickly reduce the surface tension, and can inhibit the bubble, promote the deaeration. Paint black is fine, the contact point between carbon black aggregates is, the more increase at the beginning of water-based adhesive viscous force, the results between them, the stronger the cohesion, when the black pigment mixed with material, namely beginning to carbon black uniform distribution, the work for the dispersion will be big, by separating carbon black particles, viscous emulsion, eventually achieve the blackness and shading. Compared with high structure carbon black, the structure of low carbon black is more likely to achieve high concentrations, but in the process of dispersed so need large dispersion force. Carbon black dispersion performance is affected by the degree of structure, due to high structure carbon black has good dispersion performance, so its strong tinting strength is natural.
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