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How to make magnet melt-blown fabric antibacterial properties more secure

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-11
Mainly polypropylene melt-blown cloth as the main raw material, fiber can reach 1 ~ 5 micron in diameter. Space, structure, more fluffy, fold resistance is good, the capillary structure of these unique ultra-fine fibers increase the number of fibers per unit area and the surface area, so that the melt-blown fabric has the very good filterability, shielding, insulation, and oil absorption. Can be used for air and liquid filtration material, isolation materials, absorbing materials, mask materials, heat preservation material, oil absorption material, and a wash cloth, etc. Masks, for example, to filter in addition to the mechanical stop, and electrostatic adsorption. Fiber filter material is a kind of pollution, the commonly used material to purify the air and water. The mechanism of dust catcher rely mainly on brown diffusion, intercept, inertia collision, such as direct interception mechanical blocking effect, but the effect of the mechanical stop on particle size less than 1 mu m below the particle filtering effect is very poor, cannot have purification effect. In addition to the original mechanical barrier function, in the process of air filtration increase electrostatic adsorption, relying on the coulomb force directly attract charged particles in the gas phase and to capture it, or inducing neutral particles produce polarity to capture it again, can be more effective in filtering of submicron particles from gas carrier phase, greatly enhance the filtration efficiency, and the air resistance is not increased. And act as the role of electrostatic keep common practice is to take electret materials. For surgical masks, bringing in a masterbatch and in a very high voltage in melt-blown cloth, this is the most core part of the layer, only in a lot of charge on the pole melt-blown fabric after processing to also take charge of 0. 3 microns non-oily small particulate matter has efficient adsorption effect, usually requires more than 95%. Electret is a long-term storage charge function of the dielectric material, with high efficiency, low flow resistance, antibacterial, the advantages of energy saving, in guarantee regular physical barrier for collision based on the filter material, increase the electrostatic adsorption. In treatment makes the fiber filter material with charge, combining with the characteristics of melt-blown superfine fiber density, therefore charged fibers formed a large number of electrodes, charged fiber can not only like a magnet to attract environment most of the charged particle, at the same time, it can be not part of the charged particle polarization, and some of the smaller particle size of pollutants, even the virus the nanoscale material can also be for electrostatic adsorption or charge repel cut off. Experiments show that after join in extremely masterbatch, melt-blown cloth in very effect is greatly improved, the surface charge density, filter performance and antimicrobial properties were improved obviously. However in machining process, a variety of factors may cause in extremely poor performance, such as neat degree of crystallinity of polypropylene material is not high, due to space charge stability is bad, nucleating agent of PP materials in a direct impact on crystallization of PP in the process of crystallization temperature, indirectly, make the space charge is not stable, and the fineness of fiber diameter is also key, the smaller the fiber diameter, the higher the initial filtration efficiency, the initial surface electrostatic potential is higher also. But when fiber diameter is larger, the corresponding filter resistance is small, in the actual process of storage, material filtration efficiency will change over time, a downward trend, large compared to the fiber diameter, fiber diameter of small samples, the initial high filtration efficiency, as the extension of storage time, all samples of filtration efficiency and decay over time. In a process also has a great influence on the magnet performance, usually of the melt-blown polypropylene nonwoven materials by corona charging in processing. Charging voltage and charging time, charging distance and environment humidity on the stability of the air filter material with electrostatic have great influence. Among them, the charging voltage of the sample in a very effects on the most obvious, followed by environmental humidity and charging, charging time of the sample in a very minimal impact effect. In theory, the corona charging of melt-blown nonwoven materials are stored in the atmosphere, the environment temperature of melt-blown magnet material charge storage life have no obvious impacts. But overall, whether filtration efficiency of material or surface electrostatic potential, will be as the extension of time and produce attenuation phenomenon, which is harmful for the use of material. Like a mask of melt-blown material, usually placed after produced a long time to use. During storage, filter material performance and performance will decay over time, in the worst case is material when use has failed, there is almost no filtering function. How to improve in a process of melt-blown cloth filter and antibacterial performance? Besides on in a process improvement, there is one way in melt-blown fiber antibacterial agent is added to the production process, such as the new material of antibacterial fiber, the antibacterial agent has the following features: being registered login the FDA and EPA. Antibacterial properties being has effect on all sorts of microorganism. Can be used in the textile process being uniform 1 microns particles will be integrated into the fiber. At above 800 ℃ heat resistance, resistance is very good.
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