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How to use water-based ink is better

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-09
Good to use water-based ink, follow the following appropriate version for shallow, water-based ink quantity higher than oily ink, transfer ink and ink and high solid content, suggest appropriate light version. When right amount add defoaming agent, ink printing more prone to bubbles than oily ink, easy on the printing quality problem such as white spots, this kind of situation can be appropriate to join defoaming agent. Drying temperature to control good, water-based ink after soluble than oily ink is poor, so you need to control the temperature, the temperature low ink surface stem node, but inside, drying by anti sticking occurs on tinted, temperature is too high ink drying speed is fast, in clean will be difficult. Water-based ink PH change easily, therefore in the process of printing can be appropriate to add some corresponding additives. Water-based ink can not be used and the rest of the oily ink, or it will affect the printing effect, lead to failure.
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