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How water-based ink processing line problem

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-23
Use water-based ink printing products sometimes have problems, such as line; Line is also known as risk, the beginning of filamentous, gradually into a strip, and then into a fine filaments. In line of the reason is because the wear position focused on the network part of the scraper, scraper moved to the blank part of the damage, scraper can't fit closely and layout, thus formed a line. And solve the problem of line, the main is water-based ink scraper not to shave, scraper uneven wear, can from the following several aspects; 1. Simple direct solution is to change and change, so it can solve the problem of line. 2. Viscosity of water-based ink in appropriate cases, the thick line with fine sand areas of the layout to wipe clean, it easy to let the scraper will ink scraper. 3. If it is a new, check whether the edge of the layout of network have burrs, so that the scraper, lead to excessive wear.
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