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Hubei boss laminating adhesive complaints

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-04
Hubei boss complain laminating adhesive hubei boss laminating adhesive preparation acid ester emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, 3, to choose the appropriate soft and hard monomers and dosage, the soft and hard monomer ratio, appropriate to pressure sensitive adhesive bonding performance and cohesion strength coordination and balance, but for pressure sensitive adhesive, is also important to the choice of the functional monomer, it can increase the cohesion of the pressure sensitive adhesive, improved adhesion with the substrate, and provided further crosslinking active group. Physical and chemical bonding effect, the overall strength of adhesion after carton, carton is not easy to deformation and cracking. In addition, hot melt adhesive coating system can be to press the rubber coated in different shape of key parts, such as: cartons cover fold. Epoxy resin epoxy resin with low shrinkage rate, resistance to mildew, properties, such as stable point. And the successful application of adhesive can promote advanced heat resistant, high strength composite materials, such as carbon fiber, boron fiber could be used in the aviation industry, the aircraft structure was further improved. Second, poor adhesive with good low temperature resistance, cold climate in the north, does easy to glue; Hot melt adhesive, good low temperature resistance, resistant to - 40 ℃ low temperature. And the storage life of hot-melt adhesive for 2 years, store covers an area of small, no special storage requirements; And tape storage is valid only for half a year, also requires a certain storage conditions, otherwise easy to spoil. Most of one-component polyurethane coating in the application need to be careful, strict control of coating and curing environment. In addition, hot melt adhesive also provides a good anti-theft function, due to the adhesive penetration into the corrugated any attempt to open the carton will tear fiber. Tape available knife cut, in imperceptible in take contents and sealing again. Hubei boss complaints laminating adhesive used for aviation, automobile, electronic appliances, machinery, building materials industry, shipbuilding industry, petroleum and chemical industry, etc. Note editor type polyurethane: have good wet resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electric properties. 2) Appearance: hubei boss laminating adhesive complaints but high dosage of emulsifier and will reduce the resistance to water of pressure sensitive adhesive and sizing the bubble too much, influence the construction performance. This product belongs to the goods, the transport in accordance with the product transportation rules, completes the antifreeze in the process of transportation, The temperature should be greater than 5 ℃) , prevent the rain exposure to the sun and other applicable to PP aluminized paper combined with solid composition of 50 + / - 2% ( 105℃±1. 5℃/ 3 h) Considerations for the health and safety of packaging and storage is suitable for food packaging adhesive solids - 20 Styrene - 40% Butadiene - Styrene block material ( SBS) And styrene - Isoprene - Styrene block material ( SIS) Thermoplastic elastomer is represented by the main raw material of manufacturing hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. Goods packaging in transmission nowadays, businesses at the same time, through the packaging pattern design can also communicate product and company image. Therefore, appearance factors hindering the research on the role as little as possible. Packing tape often block image, interference information transfer; And hot melt adhesive bonding between folding wing, can provide larger display space. Hubei boss laminating adhesive complaints
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