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Hubei whole series of industrial adhesive complaints

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-05
All series of hubei province industrial rubber complaints all series of hubei province industrial rubber complaints 1, avoid in a volatile and explosive material or gas around using polyurethane pur hot melt adhesive machine, pur hot melt adhesive machine spraying equipment cannot be stored around flammable items. 3 - curing speed 5 0 - 204, the smell of the customer product source: (1) using water-based glue, conform to the shoe industry, a long-term trend in brands actively, water-based adhesive has been widely used all kinds of shoe factory, water-based glue quality gradually progress and stability; Today before each add glue to the bowl, should finish the previous glue used; (2) use water-based glue will lead to environmental protection, health, save energy, save cost of equipment and manpower, fire safety, etc; Search the public number: WPU - 88 China adhesive platform 8 pet-name ruby besmear to brush the glue specification, according to besmear brushs mark line, besmear to brush besmear to brush back and forth at least once, for some more material to glue ( Such as more than fluff flannelette, after grinding coarse leather, etc. ) Besmear to brush back and forth is particularly important to ensure that the coating in place, at the same time should also prevent the rubber product; In the 1970 s, the low glass transition temperature of poly (acrylic acid esters, such as poly (butyl acrylate as the glass transition temperature ( Tg) Is low, and endowed with pressure sensitive adhesive inherent viscosity, don't need to add extra viscosity resin, reason often is used for the preparation of solution or emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive. Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive thermal decomposition of the initiator for when heated has triggered active free radicals can break down the material, a general by the initiator molecules are split into two free radicals, such as persulfate little in alkaline, neutral or acidic solution to thermal decomposition process is as follows: the performance test of adhesive strength: 2. 0 - 2. 51g/25mm; Health requirements: tasteless, non-toxic, do not stimulate the skin. Mainly used for women's sanitary napkin, diaper, bed pad, senile incontinence supplies such as shame. Especially the latter, along with our country aging of population structure. The next older incontinence supplies will increase rapidly. The use of hot melt adhesive technical indicators are as follows: full range of hubei province industrial rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive complaints according to its polymers into rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, polyacrylate pressure sensitive adhesive and polyvinyl ether resin, polyurethane resin, polyisobutylene emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, such as occupies the dominant position, the pressure sensitive adhesive industry in China is a large, emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive especially acrylic ester emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive has a special significance in our country. To press the hot plate into plastic barrels, size of lifting cylinder pressure should be from small to large, may not directly use the high pressure gas, prevent accidents, pay attention to the safety of the operator. Multi-purpose solvent hot melt adhesive in the production of many products, such as: thermal transfer printing, sealing liquid crystal materials, wallpaper anti-counterfeiting grade, calligraphy and painting paper, computer printing, food, wire and cable production date type code is the performance of the application of hot melt adhesive, but cannot use the existing granule or powder form, not in the presence of suitable solvent, a liquid prepared by coating on a substrate, get a thin and uniform film may be used in process after the production. Shape: white or light yellow block viscoelastic, solid; Hubei series of industrial glue complaints 8, full of pur hot melt glue machine pressure plate after cleaned up, press the pressure plate shall be immediately into the new pur hot melt adhesive in barrel, avoid long time to get the pressure plate, exposed to air. Sticker glue appearance white or light yellow emulsion used to maintain good health stored in shady and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ is suitable for BOPP film/printing, PET laser machine/products combined with good gloss, good heat resistance and freeze resistance, corrosion resistance strong viscosity pa 10000 ~ 30000. S antifreeze should be paid attention to the health and safety, under 0 ℃ storage for a long time can damage performance acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive is second only to the rubber type, with much pressure sensitive adhesive, it is a copolymer of acrylic ester monomer and other vinyl monomers, which can be roughly divided into crosslinked type and the crosslinking type two kinds. Melting point: 80 90℃; Hubei whole series of industrial glue complaints solids 50 + / - 2% health and safety of 20 kg, 50 kg bottled product use machine good adaptability, high peel strength, good ink, 礚 powder capability is strong, the early stick with a viscous fluid, can replace the existing solvent laminating adhesive used on dry laminating machine look pale yellow viscous emulsion should stir well when using stored in shady and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, keep the temperature is 5 ~ 40 ℃ industry use of pressure-sensitive adhesive are mainly four categories: solvent-based emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and radiation type of pressure sensitive adhesive. Has good initial moisture, transfer completely appearance slightly yellow latex coating after draping, drying temperature for 80 ~ 120 ℃, depending on the requirement of the product and the draping speed adjust packing and storage should pay attention to prevent frostbite, under 0 ℃ storage for a long time can damage performance is suitable for paper/plastic bag, plastic/plastic box, arms around the adhesive solids 50 + / - 1% ( 105℃±1. 5℃/ 3 h) The health and safety ( 2) Pressure sensitive adhesive the shape classification of this experiment adopts the polymerization, emulsion polymerization particle can be achieved by using the method better adhesive solution and fine quality.
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