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Huizhou HENKEL packaging adhesive contact way

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-07
Huizhou HENKEL packing adhesive contact huizhou HENKEL adhesive contact with polyacrylate is used much, its production has more than natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. ( 1) Adjust the structure under the premise that guarantees the stability of the emulsion, the content of hydrophilic group as low as possible, can improve the water resistance of the film; Hot melt adhesive machine of softening degree requirements at 80 ~ 90 ℃. In the process of heating for a long time, do not produce adhesive solution change color, in use process surface crust. Hot melt adhesive for now, the definition of domestic adhesive manufacturers have thousands of, in front of the interests of many businesses shoddy, and hot melt adhesive with different affinity of different adhesive materials. ( 2) Improve process using performance excellent emulsifying equipment for heat treatment, can improve the strength and water resistance of film. At the same time, under the certain condition of constant temperature heating for a period of time, the chromaticity and salary increase a certain range. Today if you need add color in water-based glue paste, and hardener is added at the same time, add ratio should not exceed 1% by weight of the glue, mix after use; Water-based glue: positioning is bad, need to cool, initial curing in order to achieve early; Water-based laminating adhesive: composite winding displacement and can't to memory foam material was cut, namely also dislocation; Water-based plastic shoes: poor positioning and low working efficiency; Free nail glue: positioning is poor, easy to slide, not bearing; Water gel: positioning is poor, they bounce off easily; Paper tube adhesive: slow; Membrane adhesive: cut automaton can't all the time; PVC floor glue: the curly coil or the deformation of sheet, can't positioning, easy bubbling or open time is difficult to control, etc. ( 1) In the structure of polyurethane resin part introduce hydrophilic group, the emulsification. ( 3) Compound modification to improve some properties of the waterborne polyurethane, and other water-based resin such as epoxy resin emulsion, urea-formaldehyde resin, such as blending, made the new water-based adhesive, its performance is improved. ( 3) Sealing and isocyanate method: choose the blocking agent of the right to water sensitive side - isocyanate NCO groups protected, make its loss of activity, add extender chain agent and crosslinking agent, a total of milk made from latex when used by a certain temperature and special catalyst demasking, generating - NCO terminal base, the preparation of waterborne polyurethane aqueous polyurethane chain extender to exist shortcomings edit waterborne polyurethane adhesives drying speed is slow, the nonpolar base material in poor wettability and low initial viscosity and poor water resistance, etc. ( 4) Grafting modification are just the right amount of styrene monomer are added into the polyurethane emulsion, made by in-situ poly polyurethane grafted styrene emulsion, improves the adhesion and water resistance. Huizhou HENKEL packaging adhesive contact [ 2] Performance measurement requirements type editor CS501 super constant temperature trough, D25 - Type electric mixer, speed controller, oven, balance, three flask, drip tube, thermometer, beaker, measuring cylinder, pipette, washing ears ball, Fourier infrared spectrometer in spite of the existing reactive flame retardant effect is limited, but the reactive acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive performance still has a lot of advantages in various aspects, flame retardant pressure sensitive adhesive huge market for its research and development also brings a lot of power. In order to make better play to the 'sticky' hot melt adhesive, adhesive industry experts warm reminder, when choosing hot melt adhesive should carefully consider the following factors: 1, EPE packaging industry, electrical appliances, shockproof anti-throw EPE packaging materials packaging assembly parts, electrical appliances manufacturer for rubber end users without peculiar smell, and in the production of EPE packaging manufacturer assembly process, coating machine is open, a local heating temperature is high, production workers allergic to special smell, think there's a smell is poisonous, the influence is healthy, require a safe working environment, so the smell of extremely strict requirements are put forward for hot melt adhesive, require hot melt adhesive has no smell. Note product features appearance milky white or light yellow latex adjust the indicators, this product according to the laminating process when using, do not add water or other solvents used to maintain good health 20 kg, 50 kg bottled product features look milky emulsion (2) resin pressure-sensitive adhesive used this kind of pressure sensitive adhesive resin of polyacrylic acid ester, pu, PVC, polyvinyl ether, etc. ( 5) Vinyl emulsion dispersion modified isocyanate (can be Or its pre polymers) Organic solution dispersion in aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol, carboxymethyl cellulose packing adhesive contact huizhou HENKEL in the environmental protection, high efficiency, low cost, simple process of the development of the reactive flame retardant has great prospects for development. All landowners with pneumatic stirrer, set of mixing time, under the 300 ∽ 500 RPM speed, stirring for 10 minutes. Pet-name ruby water-based adhesive and curing agent itself resistance to yellowing effect is very good, use water-based glue then the yellowing of shoes with other factors, such as agents, UV irradiation and so on. With bracket live hot melt glue gun, so will not spoil the table. Huizhou HENKEL packaging adhesive contact 2, polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine, when to take off the bucket, filling the air pressure should be from small to large pressure slowly, under no circumstances do not allow direct use of high pressure gas directly to take off the barrel, avoid the accident.
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