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Import food grade glue distributor in sichuan province

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-30
Sichuan imported food-grade plastic dealers in sichuan food grade glue distributor if seriously, or by hot melt adhesive to the area wide, may cause casualties or injuries place can have the trend of inflammation, you must keep the injured body temperature in normal condition, then immediately sent the injured to hospital. Object of adhesive, bonding and sealing, wide application range, paper, plastic, metal, ceramic and so on all have better stick relay; Has the very good emulsification, dry wet, scattered, decontamination and antistatic ability, has good hard water resistance. 8, pay special attention to 'the temperature of the heating roller and the thickness of the glue, can appear otherwise does' glue, wire drawing, don't do it '. Construction is convenient, the equipment cover an area of an area small, save manpower, and can be sprayed, roller coating, coating, dots, lines, and so on. The viscosity value of compound glue can cause bad transfer, flow flat to stay solvent, and the transparency is poor, peel strength is poor, poor heat sealing strength, serious influence on production quality and yield and efficiency. Market characteristics: imported food grade glue dealers in sichuan colorless or pale yellow oily liquid, dissolved in water is transparent. Ink, glue viscosity control whether appropriate, directly with the transfer of ink pigment, female version, print gloss, pigment adhesive fastness, compound uniformity and stability to the vast majority of the quality problem of the relationship. Hot melt adhesive is on the customer product application, relative to the total value of the product, its value is small, but the influence of the product to customers is very large, often because of his bad hot melt adhesive after losing customers products overall value 1) Imported food grade glue packaging performance is good sichuan dealers so using pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine should be safe at all times. Each aircraft needs about 400 ~ 2200 gk adhesive, it is mainly used for aircraft skin and frame or truss cementing, honeycomb assembly and assembly of propeller blades and interior parts of the helicopter, bonding, etc. In the process of transportation, food packaging carton must be able to withstand the indicators of temperature, humidity and rough handling. But more difficult to meet this requirement, use tape because of its poor adhesion strength, tensile strength is small, and for the oily coating or cardboard stick is not. And hot melt adhesive and moisture content has very good adhesion, high penetrability, between the corrugated paper and paper backing plate and a hot-melt adhesive used for paper box, paper cans, paper bags, paper cups, laminated metal foil and so on all kinds of food packaging. Han, UV light solid adhesive is characterized by low odor, fast curing, stick relay good, low thermal expansion coefficient, high hardness, for a variety of base material has good bonding effect. Import food grade glue dealers in sichuan in recent years, the requirement of flame retardant, structural adhesive for more step form.
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