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In winter, water-based ink thickening of the solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-25
November has entered the late autumn season, the temperature gradually reduce, especially in the northern region has entered the state of chu, use common water-based ink is easy to appear thickening phenomenon because of the temperature decrease. Because ordinary water-based ink is made and become, retinol viscosity in 30 - probably 38 seconds, when the temperature will reduce thickening up to 5 seconds, high viscosity of water-based ink will need to dilute after printing, also easy cause foaming. This is how to solve? First of all, the north printing enterprise make a proposal to ink stored in a repository, warm to water-based ink & other; Warm & throughout; 。 Second with lower intermediate ink viscosity or high-grade printing ink, or use the card ordinary water-based ink, product stability is good, ordinary ink viscosity in 28 - 32 seconds and low viscosity. Finally can use the corresponding reducing agent, diluent, defoaming agent and adjustment, in does not affect the ink color and performance under the condition of lower viscosity, printing effect.
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