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Influence of sofa sponge rubber adhesion agent what is the cause of the viscous force?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-19
In the case of sofa glue wire drawing, we usually say the viscous force of sofa spray adhesive can't. So what what factors will affect the viscous force of sofa adhesives, to be used as a sofa sponge rubber operator in the process of operation and need to pay attention to what? After years of sofa production of glue and practical operation experience, one sofa spray adhesive senior researchers found that the viscous force influence sofa adhesives basically has the following several factors: one, oil stain experiments show that oil is also one of the major factors of affect the bonding strength, glued object appearance with oil, adhesive can't enter the glued Spaces, can only float in appearance, bonding strength will be greatly decreased, moreover also can appear degumming phenomenon. So, we are spraying glue, need to wipe clean with detergent to remove adhesive surface oily be soiled, then spraying. Second, after a lot of dirt/dust practical experience shows that dust is one of the main factors to affect the sofa spray adhesive force; If glued appearance sticky with dust, sofa after spray adhesive coating adhesive penetration force were cut off dust, will affect the bonding strength; And if this product has good coating adhesive, sticky dust, such as appearance, less adhesive bonding strength after each other. So the operator should be at the scene of the operation, glue dry static dust equipment or stick to environment. Three, moisture moisture is another crucial, sofa cohesiveness glued content high water content, water have glued the appearance of things, adhesive can't soak glued, will affect the bonding strength. Another reason, although glued thing is boring, but after the good glue, encounter a rainy day, humidity is big, the condensed water in the surface layer of adhesive, if not baking temperature and time, bonding strength will also can not meet the requirements. Therefore, when we are in the process of spray glue, shall be kept glued thing looks dry.
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