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Inner Mongolia producing composite adhesive agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-26
5. Object of adhesive, bonding and sealing, wide application range, paper, plastic, metal, ceramic and so on all have better stick relay; Simply add reactive flame retardant monomer gives acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive permanent flame retardancy. Color: according to the purpose in accordance with the selected USES hot melt glue stick is white opaque (selected Strong type) , non-toxic, easy operation, continuous use without carbonization phenomenon have fast adhesion, high strength, ageing resistance, non-toxic, good thermal stability, film toughness, etc. 。 Construction is convenient, the equipment cover an area of an area small, save manpower, and can be sprayed, roller coating, coating, dots, lines, and so on. Each aircraft needs about 400 ~ 2200 gk adhesive, it is mainly used for aircraft skin and frame or truss cementing, honeycomb assembly and assembly of propeller blades and interior parts of the helicopter, bonding, etc. Market characteristics: don't try to produce compound rubber agent in Inner Mongolia hot melt adhesive peel the skin surface. Cementing 1 Boeing 747 aircraft consumption of about 3700 m2 and 431 kg and 234 kg of silicone sealant polysulfide sealant. Hot melt adhesive is on the customer product application, relative to the total value of the product, its value is small, but the influence of the product to customers is very large, often is because of his bad hot melt adhesive after losing customers products overall value of medium hardness, better toughness, moderate liquidity, strong adhesive force, easy to operate. 1) Packaging good performance in Inner Mongolia, production of composite adhesive agent can be used with all kinds of surface active agent. Aircraft industry take the lead in research and application of the metal structure adhesive, and one of the main users of structural adhesive. In order to improve the flame retardant in the dispersion of pressure sensitive adhesive, enhance its compatibility with pressure sensitive adhesive, can undertake some processing of flame retardant, common are greatly enhanced, surface activation and microcapsule, etc. In the process of transportation, food packaging carton must be able to withstand the indicators of temperature, humidity and rough handling. But more difficult to meet this requirement, use tape because of its poor adhesion strength, tensile strength is small, and for the oily coating or cardboard stick is not. And hot melt adhesive and moisture content has very good adhesion, high penetrability, between the corrugated paper and paper backing plate and composite glue viscosity value can cause bad transfer, flow flat to stay solvent, and the transparency is poor, poor peel strength, heat sealing strength is poor, seriously affect the production quality and yield and efficiency. The conductive solid crystal glass transition temperature ( Tg) At above 200 ℃, have good pervious to light, yellowing resistance, UV resistance is good wait for a characteristic, can be widely used in the chip bonding. Inner Mongolia producing composite adhesive agent acrylic type: easy to use, dry room temperature reached ten in a table.
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