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Intelligent medical equipment moisture-proof anti-corrosion nano coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-03
Intelligent medical is by creating healthy archives of regional health information platform, using the most advanced Internet technology, realizes the patients and medical staff, the interaction between medical institutions and medical equipment, gradually achieve the informatization. As the population of the old medical industry in the near future will be integrated into more artificial intelligence, sensor technology and other high-tech, the medical service to the real meaning of intelligent, promote the prosperity and development of the medical enterprise. Under the background of the new medical reform in China, the intelligent medical is walking into the life of ordinary people. The 2012 - In 2016, the China medical equipment and instrumentation manufacturing market analysis and development prospect of the research report: now, clinicians besides attaches great importance to the traditional drugs, also pay more and more attention to medical equipment, equipment intellectualization has become the industry an important direction of development, many new technology and application on the device. Medical equipment in the future, will be more and more systematic and more intelligent, the doctor's diagnosis will also become more accurate. At the end of 2008, IBM proposed the concept of 'smart medical', think of the Internet of things technology fully applied to the medical field, the realization of medical information interconnection, sharing collaboration, innovation and clinical diagnosis of science, and public health prevention, etc. Along with the vigorously development of the mobile Internet and Internet of things, mobile intelligent medical equipment to realize the rapid growth. Also can wear medical equipment, mobile intelligent medical equipment than ordinary wearable products have more perfect health diagnosis function, electric business platform search wearable watches, bracelets and other wearable products, more than one hundred kinds of brands. Wear class of medical equipment is the core of data and operation data, transfer, feedback and involves the embedded technology, identification technology, Voice, gestures, pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, etc. ) Flexible display technology, sensor technology, connection technology, such as the use of multiple technologies, from hardware level besides accord with human body engineering, the appearance of the modelling is more important electronic module ( Electronic components and PCB) , many practical function realization depends on its powerful integrated circuit part of the support. Intelligent medical equipment to wear almost products are direct or indirect contact with the human body, so more random factors, the product must do three aspects, one is safe, 2 it is sweat and organic corrosion resistance, 3 it is to resist the risk of accidentally falls into a river. In the aspect of materials must be safe environmental protection, ensure that harm the body not or remote to can be ignored, in order to use some through environmental certification of raw materials; Sweat produced by users in the event the product is a constant process of erosion, sweat of salt intrusion into the internal products, and plenty of coverage directly to the PCB and components, as time passes, salt fog ingredient will pile up, will naturally cause corrosion to components, but this kind of corrosion is often irreversible. Because the products are directly applied to human body, so there are a lot of randomness, such as water, for such an intelligent medical equipment electronic products, it will be a fatal damage, the water after the water damage to PCBA, also is the basic maintenance in daily life, we are more or less experienced electronic products, the water the result directly into waste, of course. In order to increase the durability of electronic products, is very necessary to make the product do salt fog corrosion resistance and waterproof, waterproof and resistance to salt fog corrosion and electronic products must not only went up from exterior structure improvement, enhanced sealing, more important is to do protection from the internal PCB level, careless when moisture, salt fog and other ingredients into the product inside can play a protective role, not short circuit burned immediately. Traditionally, it is in the PCB surface anti-corrosion paint kind of waterproof paint, waterproof glue or potting glue, but we recommend on intelligent medical equipment and terminal more environmental protection waterproof anti-corrosion materials, TIS - namely TIS - NM nano coating NM layer was produced well co. , LTD in shenzhen, core team veteran Japanese chemical research and development of the material department, with RoHS, REACH such as the European Union certification, is the domestic nanometer coating material industry in TIS - one of the few environmental protection products NM nano coating can form a layer on the surface of PCB and components of nanoscale ultra-thin coating, not visible to the naked eye, no pungent smell, the operation is simple, just need to PCBA 3 - in the fluid of the nano 5 seconds, remove air buy 5 - after the room temperature 10 minutes assembly, do not need to bake, single PCB waterproof of IPX5, TIS - NM in mainland China only new materials exclusive distributor, is now in the bluetooth headset, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), intelligent medical equipment, intelligent wear equipment, aviation navigation equipment, automobile has been applied successfully to the system, intelligent home appliances and other industries.
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