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Intelligent sweeping robot circuit board waterproof nano coating solution

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-02
Sweeping robot is people met earlier in the life that occupy the home, a small robot, to replace all the housewives in housework, a few years ago, sweeping robot was first introduced function relatively single, is cleaning the dust and small debris rubbish on the ground, more attractive is that it can automatically judge barricades and has the function of automatic charging. Of the robot is also called the automatic cleaning machine, robot vacuum cleaner, etc. , is a kind of intelligent home appliance, can rely on a certain amount of artificial intelligence, automatic floor cleaning work in the room. Sweeping robot generally adopts brushes and vacuum method, the ground clutter to absorb into their own garbage first receive a case, so as to complete the function of the ground clean. In general, will finish cleaning, vacuuming, clean working robots, also unified robot to sweep the floor. Sweeping machine we have seen a lot, but it's robot is because it gives it automation function and decision to judge function, has a simple analytical ability, which is usually called artificial intelligence, robot sweeps the floor at the earliest in Europe and America market sales, with the improvement of living standards, domestic gradually into China. Today's sweeping robot has more functions, used to be a free hands, and now can be said to be superhuman powers, can complete a variety of household chores. Function more to the circuit structure more complex, in addition to the security operation outside of the core parts of stepper motor and multiple pieces of different control function of the circuit board and sensor, the sensor collected data transmission to the control unit, for further analysis and judgment, the following instruction of suitable drive of the robot. In the process of practical application we cannot clear the activities of the rules of the robot, unless you closes a few door at any time, or your baby robot will run to any corner of the room, such as the bathroom, kitchen, etc, and these places are 'dangerous', because it is how much water pollution, the robot is likely to be damaged because of the water or long-term oil absorption. If there are any water or other liquid on the ground, in the process of brush cleaning is likely to be under the rotating force of brush splash on the robot internal circuit control board, which leads to heavy board surface moisture, corrosion liquid adhesive, such as components short circuit or even fire failure. So quality requirements are relatively high manufacturing chamber of commerce to sweep the floor surface protective treatment for the circuit boards of the robot, the so-called three prevention, but most common anti-corrosion materials have a smelly, containing toxic and harmful solvents, not up to standard of environmental protection, heat dissipation is not good, poor ability of resistance to salt fog. Ultra-thin coating nano coating products of the company, in the heat dissipation is good, accord with environmental protection standards, no serious odor, waterproof, salt fog resistance excellent excellent properties, such as the circuit board can make sweeping robot to obtain the very good protection, coating on the circuit board in the new material of nano coating products, robot can prevent accidental flooding and short circuit, isolating oil, salt fog, the erosion of harmful gas, corrosive liquid components, help to improve product durability and service life.
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