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Intelligent toilet PCB nano waterproof coating and the basic function of the intelligent toilet

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-02-02
Since americans to Japan for the toilet seat and a toilet is fire, the so-called intelligent toilet is toilet with a variety of intelligent functions, which has the common toilet no intelligent function. To adopt more sensor, controller and other components to achieve automatic processing preset process, reduce or eliminate the artificial intervention, to provide convenient and comfortable feeling, using the toilet to solve urgent problems at the same time get the enjoyment on the tall, can be said to be the toilet culture important constituent, the toilets on the market, various function also is varied, the concept and classification of the intelligent toilet have a basic understanding of, we have to further know about the basic components of an intelligent toilet and common function and durability. One of the intelligent toilet common several big function. Automatic induction automatic induction can also be divided into automatic opening and closing functions, automatic flushing function and automatic cleaning nozzle, etc. 2. Seat heating function of the intelligent toilet seat with heating function, generally by installing heat of all circles, make seat even heating. Usually have a temperature switch at the same time, can realize seat temperature regulation. Although cold weather, also can feel warm and comfortable. 3. After hip function when using the toilet clean, can choose hip cleaning function, and then of the intelligent toilet will nozzle clean water user's hips. Compared to the use of toilet paper, water washing, more clean and health. 4. Women wash woman washing function is the standard function of the intelligent toilet, it is specially designed for women in daily health, special nozzle by women with warm water, warm water spray is relatively soft. 5. Warm air drying after using intelligent toilet cleaning function, can choose the warm air drying of intelligent toilet function, using the heat flow to restore the buttocks dry and warm and comfortable. 6. Purge function some intelligent toilet with automatic enema purge function. Purge function is the use of super pressure, will warm water with fresh air bubbles into the rectum, is conducive to rapid bowel movements, at the same time can wash the intestinal bacteria, use convenient constipation patients. 7. Automatic intelligent toilet deodorization function generally use cold catalyst to deal with odor, remove odor, purify air, makes the users when use and is not disturbed by the smell after use. 8. Many intelligent toilet light illumination function with humanized light illumination function, even at night without lights, intelligent toilet inside the downy lamplight, also can let a person easily use smart toilet. The basic components of an intelligent toilet includes the following: computer board, water tank device, cleaning device, drying device, supercharging device, water device, remote control, deodorization device, flip device, electromagnetic valve device, transformer, LED display, MP3 device, seat and infrared devices, we can from the product description on the schematic detailed understanding to the position of these parts. Throughout those parts we is not hard to find, intelligent toilet is obviously has been dealing with the 'electric' on, electronic devices, control system, sensor system and automation at an organic whole, it is not just a toilet, should say is a smart appliances, and as the use of direction, it is the most liquid contact, is a kind of water, is a kind of cleaning sterilization type of solvent, another is everybody know unknown pale yellow liquid. Intelligent toilet environment, of course, also be more humid, imagine such products if the electronic components were not adequate to protect the life of product will have a big impact, bathing water and workflow of moisture evaporation splash as time accumulated gradually corrosion circuit boards and components. If the necessary protection of PCB toilet could be a sharp increase in durability, enhance consumer confidence in the brand, as smart toilet manufacturers it is very necessary. TIS grace in new materials nanometer coating according to use environment more complex electrical and electronic products provide super hydrophobic hydrophobic oil nanometer materials, PCB of electronic products have the function of waterproof, moistureproof, prevent salt fog corrosion, products have been applied in more areas of a variety of electronic products. Mainly has the following characteristics: 1. Environmental protection new material well in PCB nano moistureproof coating transparent liquid, accord with RoHS, REACH certification. 2. Improve product quality, reduce the cost of after-sales nano coating from the PCBA level of product protection, assuming no this layer of protection, the once pour liquids such as water or sweat into, products may be kill directly, but with the nano waterproof coating protection, from the most conservative in theory at least after the rain water users have plenty of time to the emergency response. Using nano coating to protect PCB, will effectively reduce the number of after-sale products, greatly reduced after cost, according to user feedback, TIS nano coating using the TIS nano coating after originally after-sales rate is reduced by a percentage to thousand times than, it is conceivable that after-sales cost saving a lot, also can save the company out of profits from after-sale link. 3. The operation is simple, only takes 5 seconds to soak out natural drying out 10 minutes at room temperature, without heating drying, without additional equipment. Also can brush, spray coating, spray coating, etc. 4. Ultrathin membrane layer, which is formed by the only 2 - 8 microns, quick-drying, no pungent odor sex more characteristics can refer to: http://www. tisxc。 com/html/jishuyanfa/30。 htmlhttp: / / www。 tisxc。 com/html/pcbnm/12. HTML intelligent toilet electronics can be said to be the product of the heart and central nervous, grace in TIS nanostructured coating is undoubtedly of the intelligent toilet central nervous quality protective material.
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