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Introduce water-based glue water spray adhesive

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-04
At present, the market sales of part of the spray adhesive contains three benzene ( Benzene, toluene, xylene) Class of toxic or highly toxic solvent, in the process of product use will cause poisoning workers in different degrees, and serious environmental pollution; Some products while some can solve the problem of toxic, but its production cost is higher, the market profit is low. With the rapid development of economy in our country, in the furniture, leather, cloth art, decoration, light body materials, and other industries, a large number of widely used spray adhesive, such as hemp cloth, sponge, furniture industry, screen, cloth art sofa, mattress, glue, crafts, toys, decorative board, cork, plastic, glass, fiber, rubber, paper products, CARDS, foam plastic, cloth, leather and the surface of the polystyrene material such as glue, etc. Currently on the market launch of water-based glue, basic close to insipidity, good initial adhesion, the bonding strength, unit construction more material, can be used for the sponge and sponge, glue sponge and leather, furniture, bags spray adhesive, such as spray glue kit. Poisonous and harmful to overcome the existing products, the high cost of production, the drying time is long, has: avirulent environmental protection, low odor, low cost, quick drying, In 1-3 minutes can glue) , spraying performance is better, good initial adhesion, strength, easy to assembly line production operation; After curing heat resistance, cold-resistant, good water resistance, good comprehensive performance, etc. Adhesive products conform to the state of interior architectural decoration materials harmful material set limit to 'GB18583-2001 standard ten ring and the environmental protection standards, actively responded to an appeal by the state environmental protection.
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