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Introduction to the common waterborne resin

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-08
More and more strict environmental policies limiting the oil industry development, makes the water industry as a hot industry. In order to deal with the problem of oil to water, we found that there are a lot of water-based resin when choosing water-based resin, dazzling, water-based resin have? What are the advantages? What kind of water-based resin should I choose? The following summarizes some common water-based resin, hope I can help you to further understanding of water-based resin, in order to better choose suits own water-based resin. Waterborne polyurethane aqueous polyurethane resin based on water instead of organic solvent as a new type of polyurethane dispersion medium system, also known as polyurethane or water-based polyurethane water dispersion of polyurethane, river systems. Waterborne polyurethane with water as solvent, no pollution, safe and reliable, excellent mechanical properties, good compatibility, easy modification, etc. Waterborne polyurethane resin has been gradually replaced by solvent, become an important direction of development of polyurethane industry. Can be widely used in coatings, waterborne polyurethane adhesive ( Flocking glue, glue, automotive interior vacuum suction plastic, etc. ) Coating and finishing agent, fabric, paper, leather finishing agent surface treating agent and fiber surface treatment agent. Water-based acrylic resin acrylate, methyl acrylate with styrene and vinyl acetate copolymer of vinyl monomers such as known as acrylic resin, as film forming material coating called acrylic coating; This kind of coating color with light, color, light, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and pollution resistance and other advantages, is widely used in furniture, metal, plastic, leather, paper, textile finishing. With the development of petrochemical technology, acrylic monomers and plentiful supply, further promoted the development of acrylic coating and promotion. Acrylic resin coating abroad development soon, has now accounts for more than a third of coating with synthetic resin. The main types are: 1. Solvent-based coating; 2. Water-based coating; 3. High solid coatings, uv-curable coatings and powder coatings. The development and application of water-borne acrylic coating has developed rapidly, is the fastest growing, most varieties in water-based coating products. Waterborne alkyd resin, alkyd resin is a kind of important coating with resin, the monomer is plentiful, renewable, low price, variety, formula change is big, the craft is simple, convenient and chemical modification decorative performance is quite good, comply with the requirement of the sustainable development of the society. The development of waterborne alkyd resin has experienced two stages: namely the emulsification and emulsion phase. External emulsification method using the conventional alkyd resin on the method of surfactant emulsion, alkyd resin emulsion, at present there are some companies provide specific alkyd resin emulsion with emulsifier; Using the emulsion synthesis of waterborne alkyd resin dispersions comprehensive performance is better. Long or medium oil of waterborne alkyd resin one component from the paint can be produced, but its drying performance needs to be improved, short oil degree of hydroxyl type waterborne alkyd resin application more mature, commonly used to make two components from dry paint ( Such as polyurethane paint) Or drying paint ( Such as amino baking varnish) 。 Waterborne polyester resin waterborne polyester resin structure similar to the structure and the solvent of polyester resin, but in addition to containing hydroxyl, also introduced the carboxyl, sulfonic acid and ( Or) Polyethylene oxide block such as water-based group or segment. Acid value containing carboxyl polyester in 35 ~ 60 mg KOH/g, Resin) Of carboxyl, macromolecular chain after volatile amine neutralization into salt, provide water soluble ( Or water dispersion) 。 Control in different acid value, and can provide different water-soluble, made into different dispersion system, such as, colloid, aqueous solution, emulsion, etc. Waterborne polyester with water soluble amino resin ( HMMM) As waterborne baking paint, particularly suitable for coil coating and paint in the car, can satisfy the requirement of stamping and stone resistance. Because of the coating hardness, full brightness and good contamination resistance, is suitable for light industry products, decorative finish. Waterborne polyester can be more with water dispersible isocyanate as two-component waterborne polyurethane (pu) at room temperature from the paint. Uv-curable waterborne resin uv-curing resin, also known as the photosensitive resin is a kind of low relative molecular mass of photosensitive oligomers, containing unsaturated double bond or epoxy group for uv-curable groups, such as the ultraviolet light irradiation, in a relatively short period of time physical and chemical changes rapidly, thus crosslinking curing oligomers. It with light initiator, reactive diluents, fillers and various auxiliaries compound with a uv curing coatings. Uv-curable waterborne coatings using water as dispersion medium, don't need to be thinner, and using UV irradiation curing, and combines the advantages of UV curing coatings and water-borne coatings, achieved fairly fast growth in recent ten years. Waterborne epoxy resin, water-borne epoxy resin, often referred to as epoxy resin in the form of particles, liquid droplets or colloidal dispersion in water phase emulsion, water medium or aqueous solution, which is formed by the three difference between epoxy resin dispersed phase particle size are different. Waterborne epoxy resin can be used as a wood varnish, anti-corrosion coatings, floor coating, etc. , waterborne epoxy has excellent adhesion to the concrete, as well as excellent mechanical properties and physical properties, used in the bottom, need weathering resistance can be used with acrylic paint, water-based polyurethane finish need wear-resisting performance can cooperate.
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