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Jinan production adhesive agent

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-01-10
Production of jinan production adhesive agent, adhesive agent if you are unwell antifreeze should be paid attention to go to a doctor in time, will destroy the performance under 0 ℃ storage for a long time, many different kinds of pressure sensitive adhesive, can be classified from different angles. 6 does note glue can also lead to immediately after pressing glue, especially larger rebound parts; Pressure sensitive adhesive in wound treatment, bonding devices ( Such as ecg electrodes, electroencephalogram (eeg) electrodes and percutaneous electrical stimulator, etc. ) Equipment and products to physical ( Such as colon and ileal dissection device, tracheostomy tube and electricity open surgery surgery with ground mat, etc. ) , transdermal drug release patch, all kinds of labels, binder, tape is widely used, and many other aspects. Because of the solute ( Hot melt glue) Different kinds of solvent hot melt adhesive can be made of a variety of utility. 7 after pressing shoes again in a short period of time to put in the oven baked does also leads to glue; Adhesives are used in large equipment, such as generator, transformer and other high temperature operation of equipment, and must be under the bad environment and high shrinkage 20 ~ 40 years of equipment operation. Today hardener added amount is accurate right amount, will affect the early stages of the water-based glue then force and heat resistance; To study various varieties, dosage, chelating agent and formula optimization to meet different needs. Pet-name ruby water-based adhesive and curing agent itself resistance to yellowing effect is very good, use water-based glue then the yellowing of shoes with other factors, such as agents, UV irradiation and so on. Waterborne polyurethane ( APU) Adhesive APU is water instead of organic solvent as a new type of polyurethane dispersion medium system, also known as polyurethane or water-based polyurethane water dispersion of polyurethane, river systems. Waterborne polyurethane with water as solvent, no pollution, safe and reliable, excellent mechanical properties, good compatibility, easy modification. Jinan production development direction editing butyl acrylate adhesive agent: molecular formula: C7H12O2; CH2CHCOO( CH2) 3 ch3, molecular weight: 128. 17 colorless liquid. Vapor pressure: 1. 33个kpa / 35。 5℃; Flash point 37 ℃; Melting point - 64. 6℃; The boiling point of 145. 7℃; Solubility: insoluble in water, but soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether; Density, relative density ( Water = 1) 0. 89; Relative density ( Air = 1) 4. 42. Stability: stable. Tag ( Flammable liquids) ; Main application: used as intermediates in organic synthesis, adhesive, emulsifier. In recent decades, types of pressure sensitive adhesive with rapid growth, acrylic ester, water glue the constantly emerging of the new type of pressure sensitive adhesive ( The acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive research and application of common) And gradually replaced the traditional type of natural rubber ( Zinc oxide adhesive plaster) Pressure sensitive adhesive. The APU adhesive non-toxic pollution-free, high molecular weight so that it can form good performance of the adhesive film, it has good low temperature resistance, good flexibility, adhesive ability and the advantages of wide range of physical properties of the film can be adjusted; Flexible chain, has in its molecular structure shows good impact resistance, fatigue resistance, low temperature resistance, also has the design, the performance of rubber from the flexible and rigid arbitrary adjustable, can meet the demand of adhesion between different materials; At present, the synthesis of waterborne polyurethane adhesive has been relatively mature, basically has the following several ways: jinan production adhesive agent [ 2] In many products, such as thermal transfer printing, sealing liquid crystal materials, wallpaper anti-counterfeiting grade, calligraphy and painting paper, computer printing, food, wire and cable production date type code is the performance of the application of hot melt adhesive, but cannot use the existing granule or powder form, not in a suitable solvent is made under the existence of liquid, the coating on a substrate, thin and uniform film, may be used in process after the production. Therefore, must use room temperature curing adhesives. Jinan production adhesive agent PH 6. 5 to 7. 5 if the glue on the skin, can clean water and soap. (2) attention editor structural adhesive lining cloth processing with hot melt adhesive because must be resistant to welding temperature of 250 ℃, thus limiting the adhesive used for steel foil and adhesive laminated printed circuit board.
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