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Jingzhou henkel compound rubber prices

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-12-12
Jingzhou henkel henkel compound plastic laminating adhesive price jingzhou gas is gas prices, volatile matter, it is a substance that is usually small molecules, so easy to turn into gas. Packing books and periodicals in the following table: pressure sensitive adhesive composition. In the production process, hot melt adhesive may also have a new odor sources, through the production process control can achieve the goal of reducing odor. Appearance white granular pale yellow flakes jingzhou henkel compound rubber prices after coating combined with technical, drying temperature for 80 ~ 110 ℃, depending on the requirement of the product and the draping speed adjust packing and storage solvent laminating adhesive editing features solids 50 + / - 1% ( 105℃±1. 5℃/ 3 h) Brush or roller coating glue is 20 kg, 50 kg bottled preparation editor to add polymer gel of liquid increased adhesion agent, curing agent can get pressure sensitive adhesive products. Melting point ( ℃) 70 - 84, 65 - 78 jingzhou henkel compound rubber prices used for pressure sensitive adhesive polymer can be natural rubber, butyl rubber, butyl rubber, also can be all kinds of resin, acrylic resin, silicone, fluorine resin, etc. When use heating molten to liquid, and after cooling solidification can guarantee a certain cohesion strength, its disadvantages as high energy consumption in use process, and adhesive body often contain a double bond, so the heat resistance, easy to oxidation. The viscosity of 2500 - 3500, 5500 - 6500 jingzhou henkel compound rubber prices in the process of production of hot melt adhesive, shall guarantee that the oxygen resistance, brine resistance, resistance to acid, alkali and a plastic. 1. Water-based glue process features all landowners capacity of about 500 ml of plastic bowl, and equipped with a suitable cover to dress up the glue; (1) using water-based glue, in line with the shoe industry, a long-term trend in brands actively, water-based adhesive has been widely used all kinds of shoe factory, water-based glue quality gradually progress and stability; Today before each add glue to the bowl, should finish the previous glue used; Appeared to styrene thermoplastic elastomer, such as poly ( Styrene - b - Isoprene - b - Styrene) ( SIS) Or poly ( Styrene - b - Butadiene - b - Styrene) ( SBS) As the main body, and the viscosity resin and preparation of mineral oil heating blend hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive. The test result is pressure sensitive adhesive can stick 5 ball. Hardness is 78 - 82, 65 - 75 if only * with basic resin melt at certain temperatures have cohesive force, when the temperature drops, it will be difficult to wetting and penetration on paper, lose binding ability, cannot reach bonding effect; Adding tackifier can improve the liquidity of colloid and wettability of glued objects, improve the bonding performance, to achieve the required bond strength. This kind of resin is the main components of the production of hot melt adhesive, the proportion of basic resin, quality determines the basic properties of the hot melt adhesive, ( Such as adhesive bonding ability, melting temperature and the cohesive strength) 18 - generally choose the VA content 33, refers to ( MI) 6 - 800, VA content is low, the higher the degree of crystallinity increase hardness, same case VA content, low crystallinity increase elasticity, EVA melt refers to the choice is very important also, investment refers to the smaller illiquid strength high melting temperature of the adhesive wetting and permeability is quite poor. Jingzhou henkel compound rubber price is generally tackifier resin, modified rosin ( 138 or 145) , C5 petroleum resin C9 petroleum resin, terpene resin, etc.
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