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Less dosage big as | water-based adhesive how choose?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-07-09
Issue of water-based adhesive company said after the adhesive in water-based coating, appear unexpected situation: does, plank wood glue. Don't look down upon this little amount of adhesive, but plays a key role in furniture production, especially with water-based coating as well as avoid & other; Water & throughout; ! Does bring wood glue does bring wood glue in the face of a great variety of adhesive, return will pick what kind of adhesive? First to know about the three commonly used adhesive woodworking teacher, they have different personality, each have length: urea-formaldehyde adhesive 01 urea-formaldehyde adhesive with urea-formaldehyde resin as the main component of a binder, manufacturing easy, cheap, widely used in wood products, mainly used for lumber, plywood, laminated board, and the adhesive of the bamboo and wood products. But, urea formaldehyde glue brittleness is big, at the same time, because of containing hydroxyl methyl, amide, soluble in water, water resistance and bonding strength for water-based paint coating will be affected by the obvious. Despite the different kinds of modified urea formaldehyde glue, but the performance also nots allow to ignore. Bring with urea-formaldehyde adhesive for bonding white latex 02 white latex is a monomer made by emulsion polymerization in the dispersion medium, named because of the appearance is milky white, widely used in wood products, mainly used for wood or wood veneer bonding. White latex with one-component and a two-component, one-component white latex easy to use, but water resistance and wet resistance is poor, to have certain resistance to water, cold water to warm water resistance is poor. Easy to moisture absorption, when humidity is 65%, the moisture in the air rate for adhesive weight of 1. 3%; When humidity is 96%, in the air, moisture absorption rate of heavy 3 for glue. 5%. If use the furniture of the one-component white latex adhesive coating after water paint, and then to bake easy to appear problem, and a white latex for with a two-component curing agent, performance has been increased greatly. Bring about roller white latex hot melt adhesive 03 hot melt adhesive is a kind of thermoplastic adhesives, room temperature for the solid particles, the heating device to a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive by solid state into a flow state, then through coating equipment, extrusion, cooling after bonding can be realized. Hot melt adhesive homework time to 15 seconds or so commonly, so for multi-purpose equipment assembly line, sealing side panel is used for furniture, more can bonding wood veneer, wood chip, can also be binding edge banding. Hot melt adhesive temperature reaches a certain degree, hot melt adhesive began to soften, below a certain temperature, hot melt adhesive will become fragile, so choose hot melt adhesive must fully consider the product's environmental temperature change. Bring hot melt adhesive sealing side of water-based adhesive should pick! The core function of adhesive is what? Bonding. Only the adhesive bond strength meet the requirements, can avoid coating after water paint wood or wood veneer does a glue problem. So the test with adhesive bond strength is very important! And voc in water-based adhesive 'for the purpose of unstructured application classification of thermoplastic wood adhesive DIN EN 204 - 2001 standard, for thermoplastic adhesive bond strength weathering level is divided into four grades, and specific test requirements are as follows: the standard lists adhesive to bond strength under the conditions of different weatherability and requirements, and according to different adhesive strength weathering can be divided into D1, D2, D3, D4 four grades. Water-based paint coating after avoid does wood or wood veneer glue, suggest to conform to the requirements of the D3 levels of bond strength. Questions about does wood glue, choose the right adhesive is important, but the problem is not necessarily is all the fault of the adhesive of, also may be substrate such as, construction conditions, environmental factors, these we have already mentioned in the previous section, children's shoes are interested can consider.
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