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Lianyungang hot melt adhesive equipment imports

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-02
Lianyungang imported hot melt adhesive equipment imported hot melt adhesive lianyungang pur polyurethane hot melt adhesive machine working principle: 5, pur hot melt adhesive machine need professional electrician operation, power supply is connected with points of polarity of the power supply shall not be against, and need to use special terminals fixed connection. By the main body material to points: can be divided into polyethylene - Vinyl acetate ( EVA) Class, polyamide hot-melt adhesive ( PA) Kind of hot melt adhesive, polyurethane ( PU) Kind of hot melt adhesive, polyolefin ( PO) Kind of hot melt adhesive, block copolymer ( SBC) Kind of hot melt adhesive, etc. Poly (amino acid modified nano the SiO have the effect of the two chemical crosslinking, a stereoscopic space of the mesh in the structure, improve the degree of polymerization of pressure sensitive adhesive. Add, the more printing color change after production, the greater the homogeneous degree of the composite is poorer, fastness also drops, thereby increasing the return and the rejection rate. Shape to the points: can be divided into hot melt colloidal particles, hot melt adhesive stick, hot melt adhesive, hot melt glue, hot melt glue powder, etc. Epoxy adhesive is characterized by low thermal expansion coefficient, high Tg, good heat resistance, mainly used for assembly. To use points: can be divided into filter hot melt adhesive, automated packaging hot melt adhesive, car interior with hot melt adhesive, hot melt adhesive label, adhesive tape, hot melt glue, hot melt adhesive, etc. ( 3) Sealing and isocyanate method: choose the blocking agent of the right to water sensitive side - isocyanate NCO groups protected, make its loss of activity, add extender chain agent and crosslinking agent, a total of milk made from latex when used by a certain temperature and special catalyst demasking, generating - NCO terminal base, chain extender to the preparation of waterborne polyurethane fiber assembly industry, our products include single/a two-component epoxy adhesive, UV curing acrylic adhesive, it is mainly used for optical fiber assembly, BOSA/ROSA assembly, tail fiber orientation, etc. Other categories: whether reaction, color, whether natural, whether there is a pressure sensitive resistance, and so on. Use the glue of garment not only has a crisp, plentiful full appearance quality, and the nature of the ground after washing, without pressing can wear characteristics. The application of hot melt adhesive field equipments of hot melt adhesive [lianyungang 8] Synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber pressure sensitive adhesive ( 1) Soft monomer of adhesion effect, mainly is the number of carbon atoms for 4 - 8 acrylate, butyl acrylate, isooctyl acrylate, etc. ; Ammonium persulfate: ( NH4) 18; White crystal powder. So thanks to the current development of science and technology brings us convenience. Pressure sensitive adhesive has remained in use and skin contact, the compatibility with the skin quality is measured as the skin barrier function. Hot melt adhesive products have been applied to every aspect of people's life, people eat, wear, live, use, transportation, every field of play, eat a bowl of instant noodles, drink water, drink a cup of wine, wear clothes, shoes, hats, government buildings projects, live in a house, sit in the cars, trains, planes, refrigerators, color TV, washing machine, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, beautify the living space crafts, decoration, craft flower, children's toys, gifts, etc. , are the application of hot melt adhesive. Can say, in modern people's life, the application of hot melt adhesive is everywhere. One-component epoxy adhesive is characterized by low thermal expansion coefficient, convenient operation, high hardness, good wear resistance/temperature resistance, used for tail fiber potting is mainly used for production, such as shape, shoes, hats. Lianyungang import hot melt adhesive equipment made by pressure sensitive adhesive no sensitization effect, has the strong viscosity, no leave, hygroscopicity and air permeability are greatly improved.
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