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Luke carton water-based ink factory, carton water-based ink product analysis

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-07
【 The product name. Cartons are water-based ink 【 Manufacturers] En carton water-based ink manufacturer 【 in: The characteristics of material 】 Product name: mixture chemical name points sub type G A S water-based ink, water-based ink are not suitable for ( Mixture) Not suitable for ( Mixture) 【 The classification of dangerous hazardous. Category name: shall not apply to the dangerous goods classification criteria have harm sex: the slightly irritating to eyes, throat of the steam produced. 【 Emergency measures 】 When the eyes: rinse with plenty of clean flowing water directly, at least 15 minutes, and speed by special doctors treatment. Skin contact: flow with plenty of water, and washed by neutral detergent. Accidentally inhaled: when a small amount of inhaler, immediately transferred to there is fresh air flow, a large number of suction, breathing difficulties, should be treated by a special doctor immediately. Accidentally drink style: clean with clear water mouth, immediately by special doctors treatment. 【 A fire measures 】 Around the fire: it is rapidly moving mobile container to a safe place, unable to move the container, and in the surrounding water to cool. Fire extinguishing methods: block fire, immediately on the tuyere with fire extinguishing agent. Transferring movable container to a safe place. Around the scene of the fire, irrelevant personnel shall be prohibited from entering. Put out the fire agent: powder, foam, carbon dioxide [ When leakage measure 】 Near a small leak: avoid ignition source, with the active absorbent absorption. And sealed container recycling. When large spills: downwind, leave at once. Residue with non active absorption ( Soil, sand, etc. ) Absorption and sealed container recycling. Should avoid to flow into the rivers, etc. Protection should be worn when recycling equipment. 【 Access and save 】 Luke carton remind: when using water-based ink manufacturer to avoid skin contact. In the case of well ventilated. To avoid leakage, flying, airtight container after each use. Remind: when saving Luke carton water-based ink manufacturer should be on ventilation, cold dark places. Stay away from heat, avoid direct sunlight.
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