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Luke carton water-based ink for you to introduce the types and function of the carton

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-19
The box on the market breed is various, which can be classified according to the materials such as: wooden box, paper box, cloth box, leather box, tin box, acrylic box, corrugated boxes, etc. , and by carton water-based ink printing fine: gift box, wine box, chocolate boxes, pen boxes, food boxes, tea boxes and other classified according to the product name. Packing box function: it can ensure the safety of transportation products in its use of water-based ink printing cartons improve the grade of the product, increase sales, etc. Packing main material: the Netherlands board, grey board, density board, acrylic, metal, corrugated, etc. Commonly used packaging material has the following kinds: 1) White paper class & ndash; — Normal paper, copy paper, crepe paper 2) Bubble paper & ndash; — Poly fleece, sponges, pearl cotton 3) The carton class & ndash; — White box, brown box, color box packing box is often used in the inner packing, generally has the following several kinds of forms: 1) Color box: use cartons of water-based ink printing corrugated color box and corrugated color box 2) Normal brown corrugated box: commonly used for 3 layer corrugated box and five layer corrugated box, product packaging, typically sealed with adhesive tape (3) Can be divided into white box: a corrugated ( 3 or 5 layers) Commonly after white box and non corrugated box, the product packaging should be sealed with adhesive tape; Acrylic box 4) Display box: its sort is more, mainly have a color display box, display box with PVC lid, through the packaging can be intuitive to see packaging products within 5) Gift box: used for carton of water-based ink printing more jewelry, stationery, and other products of exquisite packaging box type is introduced: the ordinary box, box model for up and down the ear plug, upper and accident) at the bottom of an ocean, convenient opening and closing, convenient assembly, which used in cosmetics and health food. Box of heaven and earth, the so-called heaven and earth boxes, is divided into two LIDS, both separation, forming a heavy and complicated, with high-grade water-based ink printed cartons to make whole feels high-grade beautiful, this is used to gift boxes and imported products, can improve the product style. The bottom of the bottom box to Japan, a bottom box for four pieces of cogged, using interaction of structure, to increase the load capacity, at the bottom of the tear open outfit is convenient, the box type to feel better. Paste box, paste the bottom box is general inside the box type load ability is good, but the cost is a bit high, this is used to weight the heavier products. A integrated box, called a integrated is the box itself out for the whole piece of paper cut type, with environmental protection carton does not need to paste box after the water-based ink printing, use structure design to save the cost of packaging, to achieve a integrated structure. Hand pail -- the box itself with the cotton rope or herringbone tape, convenient and portable, don't need to use hand bag. Box type structure can also be stacked, convenient transportation. Box shows the product image to the products, let the product in the consumers' mind leave deep impression, use cartons suitable for water-based ink to printing for packaging not only enhance the aesthetic appearance, highlight the selling point of products for the printing factory to save the production cost, environmental non-toxic water-based ink cartons can fundamentally protect environment from pollution, do not harm printing worker safety.
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