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Luke carton water-based ink, in the first half of this year the new carton capacity big inventory

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-09
Luke carton water-based ink manufacturer statistics, as of the end of May 2016, the domestic new capacity of 730000 tons of corrugated carton, carton board paper new capacity of 300000 tons, with the proper part of the paper for the new project put into production time delay. Is expected by the end of 2016, corrugated paper is expected to release the production capacity of 2. 42 million tons, 1. 71 million tons of corrugated board paper, far more than 2015 new capacity. 2001 - 2007 corrugated paper and corrugated board paper production growth rate, the average speed of growth remain in 13, respectively. 5% and 18. In 2008 and 4% of the economic crisis led to declining production, 2008 - Corrugated paper and corrugated board paper production in 2012 the average growth rate of 8, respectively. 6% and 8. 9%. And in 2013 received industry concentration development factors, such as growth, respectively 0. 25% and - 1. 92%, 2014 - In 2015, the economic environment of our country has entered the stage of development, corrugated paper and corrugated board paper production growth in average growth of 5 respectively. 1% and 4. 9%. Packaging carton is mainly used in household appliances, daily chemical, mechanical, and other products above, there are food, beverage, medical drugs and other health requires the use of strict environmental protection carton water-based ink printed on the carton of the downstream industry demand determines the carton the production situation of the enterprise, in the past two years the downstream industry, the demand for carton is not ideal, but because of the rapid development of China's electricity, online shopping market demand for carton industry continues to grow, at the same time, the customer's requirements diversification, such as design, color printing, graphic effects, raw material needs, environmental protection, such as carton water-based ink printing conditions brought carton production enterprises competitiveness, expand express carton business.
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