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Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers, how to prevent the carton printing ink rub off

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-23
Today by water-based ink well in carton manufacturer of small make up and everyone together to discuss the carton printing ink printing quality why will rub off problem, water-based ink manufacturers think well in carton printing quality may fade is the ink printed on the carton the friction resistance is not enough, so friction will rub off with the hand, in the process of moving may also spend the color of the ink rub, etc. So that ink friction rub off may have the following reasons: 1. Box board surface of paper, paper powder is too much, make the printing ink adhesion is bad. 2. The ink itself is not enough, bonding or water to dilute excessive, resin composition cannot be covered in the ink pigment particles make color particle naked, and easy to rub off. 3. Dry water resistance is not enough, after the ink film with water soluble. 4. Ink membrane surface smoothness is not enough. 5. Part of the black ink for carbon black was enshrouded not easily rub off. Usually carton manufacturers in order to prevent the print ink rub off, often in carton surface or printing pattern is part of a layer of water-borne light oil, such already can prevent ink rub off also increased the brightness of the colorful patterns, but then the production cost is high. Carton water-based ink manufacturers recommended, can choose carton water-based ink printing, it is a special ink printing the cartons. Carton water-based ink is a kind of good printing eligibility and appropriate flexo printing viscosity, is specially designed for carton, carton and resistance formula of printing ink, it has the waterproof, wear-resisting no fading, no bubbles, color bright, sunscreen heat-resistant, environmental non-toxic, burning explosion, and other features. How to detect the wear resistance at present, only the enterprise standard, oil friction tester and manual operation, principle is the same, namely on the ink film after a blank sheet of paper or cloth, under a certain pressure between friction under 20, view the rub off and five levels to eyes.
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