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Luke carton water-based ink, printed in the production of corrugated carton benefits!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-23
Commonly used traditional corrugated carton printing process, after is on the cardboard production line production board first, then use carton water-based ink printing patterns on board, through the slot, indentation, after cutting, nailing process after processing boxes, etc. Pre printed also called before, originated in America in the 1980 s, this process by a preprint equipment to reel in the form of corrugated paper surface printing, rewinding, and then in cardboard production line, general drum surface paper pasting paper and corrugated core made of cardboard, after processing after the crates. Compared with after printing, printed has obvious advantages, grace in which of the following by water-based ink manufacturers to introduce a few printed cartons features: 1, high printing quality printed corrugated carton after use carton water-based ink printing color reduction, levels of performance, clarity than after printing, this is because after printing is printing on the cardboard, in order not to destroy the physical strength of corrugated carton, must use lighter printing pressure. Due to the board surface uneven, in such a surface printing, use cartons after water-based ink printing pattern is easy to appear & quot; Ribs grain & quot; 。 Preprint is to use a pre-printed equipment in smooth the surface of the paper in environmental carton water-based ink to printing, printing is stable, generally less & other; Ribs grain & throughout; Wait for a phenomenon. 2, good compressive strength after printing is printing on the corrugated paperboard, even with the smaller printing pressure, the deformation is also inevitable. And printing chromatic number, the more the greater the effect on the compressive strength of the carton, and is compared with the printed on the surface of paper made of corrugated cardboard carton water-based ink printing again after, so can keep the carton compressive strength. 3, high production efficiency, because after printing is sheet-fed printing, and preprint is a roll of paper printing, so the pre-print production speed is faster.
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