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Luke carton water-based ink, printed way to effectively reduce the production cost?

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-07
Luke cartons, water-based ink manufacturer printed using web flexographic printing presses for printing, printing speed can reach 150 m/min, printing well after the corrugated board production line made of corrugated cardboard, much faster than traditional offset printing labeled with the following way, use cartons every 8 hours of water-based ink printing can produce 6702 mmx460mm 120000 cartons only. Usually a set of four color flexible version of the price in 1. 300000 20000 yuan, if the production printing, the average cost of each plate at zero. 4 yuan. Carton preprint of flexographic printing plate using the flexible resin version of laser, its resistance to printed force is 500000 ~ 10 million, so the print runs, the greater the cost is lower. Usually production cartons in more than 30000 enterprises, adopt a pre-printed equipment will be more economic, this way can make the continuous supply of ink, water-based ink cartons so print image uniformity is good, without off color. Printed cartons production is done on the corrugated board production line, in the production of corrugated cardboard have certain heating forming time, so than the traditional way of using cover machine production carton strength is higher, can avoid cover machine in the production of carton when the gelatinize unevenness of washboard, stare blankly, warping phenomenon, and can avoid damage of direct printing on carton strength, enhance and improve the compression strength and impact resistance strength of corrugated paperboard. In the case of ensure the carton strength, can choose quantitative lower surface paper, carton water-based ink printed can also be used to speed up the ink drying speed, more effectively improve the production efficiency, reduce production cost.
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