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Luke carton water-based ink, printing dosage larger substrates - — The paper

by:Sinograce Chemical     2020-11-19
Substrates is able to accept water-based ink ( Such as carton water-based ink) Or adsorption of pigment and rendered by the floorboard of the various substances, along with the increase in printing category, printing substrates used in the all-encompassing, such as paper, plastic film, non-woven and woven bag, water-based ink well in the following carton manufacturers to introduce the dosage larger substrates & ndash; — The paper. Paper has a very wide range of USES, is commonly used in printing paper, newsprint, typographic paper, offset paper, coated paper and specialty paper, etc. , the paper can use environmentally friendly water-based ink printing cartons. Rapid development in recent years, the chemical industry, synthetic paper consumption continues to increase, in the printing paper is a synthetic polymer material as the main raw material, through processing, gift paper printing performance, and to the printing paper. The manufacture of synthetic paper, don't need a natural plant fiber, is beneficial to environmental protection, is a development prospect of printing paper. 1, paper, the size of the size of the paper is divided into flat paper and roll paper. The national standard GB/T148 - 1997 rules the dimension of A tablet of paper size are A and B series. A series: 841 mmx1189mm, 594 mmx841mm etc, B series: 1000 mmx1414mm, 707 mmx1000mm, etc. Paper cutting: A1 & hellip; A4, B1… B5 etc. , A and B code behind the Numbers, said it would all long piece of paper folded in half the linesman cut the number of times. The length of the roll paper generally is 6000 m, width 787 mm, 880 mm, 1092 mm, etc. 2, the weight of the paper is quantitative paper weight per unit area, the unit is g/m2. Commonly used paper quantitative of national standard for 50,60,70,80,100,120 g/m2, etc. Quantitative is the basic properties of paper, paper quantitative if do not conform to the standard, the other properties of the paper is also difficult to conform to the requirements of the carton water-based ink on printing ink, etc. The thicker the paper quantitatively, the greater the paper, but also some paper because of the high tightness and quantitative thickness of high and low. Make heavy is each to the total weight of the paper, the unit is kg, 500 full paper for one order. Paper rolls are expressed in terms of weight for weight, due to the length of the roll paper can't accurate measurement, is generally calculated at 6000 m. 3, to transfer an image refers to a fully open one side printing paper, transfer to both sides of paper printing is 1000. Paper printing eligibility is very important, related to the printing process can go smoothly and the quality of printed matter, such as smoothness, cartons of water-based ink absorbency, tensile strength, surface strength, glossiness, and moisture content, etc.
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