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Luke carton water-based ink, printing industry faces VOCs emissions limit!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-24
Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers recently learned that the ministry and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the notice the key industries of volatile organics cuts miit coupling [2016] no. 217. Clear 11 key industries to speed up the VOCs emissions cuts, enhance the level of green manufacturing. Including the packaging and printing, printing ink, etc. Cuts, points out that industry is a key areas of VOCs emissions, accounting for more than 50% of the emissions. Complex industrial emission source, mainly involving a lot of link such as production, use, storage and transportation,, automobile coatings, printing ink, adhesives, packaging and printing, rubber products, furniture, shoemaking industry such as VOCs emissions accounted for more than 80% of the total industrial emissions. At present, the grim situation of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and speed up the key industries VOCs emission reduction is imperative. Packaging and printing industry, printing ink, adhesives industry is closely linked, to require the replacement of engineering implementation of raw materials, limiting the use of harmful materials, printing ink industry should focus on promoting using almost not emit volatile organic gases into the atmosphere, VOC) Water-based ink, water-based ink cartons, etc. Environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons consists of water soluble resin, organic pigments, solvents and related auxiliaries by the composite grinding and dissolved with water as the carrier, has significant environmental security features: water-based ink cartons safe, non-toxic harmless, non-combustible, almost no volatile organic gases. At present, the country already has 11 provinces and cities developed volatile organic compounds VOCs discharge levy details, for the printing and packaging industry is a big challenge, is expected to get rapid development of green packaging and printing.
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