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Luke carton water-based ink shutdown during the G20 summit to logistics in zhejiang province

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-06
Hangzhou for the G20 summit, during the period of August to early September for liquid, powder, inflammable and explosive goods to scrutiny, although our cartons Luke produced water-based ink is environmental protection, not burning explosion of water-based ink, but because it is liquid will also be affected. According to the G20 summit in zhejiang province environmental security work plan ', centering on the main stadium respectively according to 50 km, 100 km and 300 km radius defined for reference core area, control area and control area. Core: including hangzhou ( Uptown and downtown, jianggan district, gongshu district, depressed, binjiang, west lake scenic area, zhijiang holiday resort, hangzhou economic and technological development zone, great river east industrial concentration zone, xiaoshan district, yuhang district, fuyang area, linan city) , huzhou ( Deqing county) , jiaxing ( Haining high-tech industrial park) , shaoxing ( Ke bridge, the urban area, robe jiang economic and technological development zone, hangzhou bay shangyu economic and technological development zone) Four cities. Control area: including hangzhou, ningbo, huzhou, jiaxing, shaoxing, jinhua, Quzhou City area ( Hangzhou, shaoxing, jiaxing, huzhou has excluded) into the core 。 Control area: including, wenzhou, zhoushan, taizhou, lishui and other areas. We Luke water-based ink factory also actively cooperate with the G20 summit, inform customer in zhejiang province, most of the printing plant has been advanced at the end of July to prepare cartons are water-based ink so as not to be affected. Since August, all logistics cart barred from zhejiang province, to the order of the customer can only wait until September summit as normal delivery. Luke water-based ink factory research and development production of environmental protection by carton water-based ink bright color, pure color, no color, no fading no bubbles, non-combustible not explode, non-toxic tasteless, has appropriate viscosity of flexo printing, does not damage mechanical roller, no harm, to printing worker of atmospheric pollution, etc.
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