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Luke carton water-based ink tell you what is the distinguishing feature of 'green printing'

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-23
Flexible printing claims & other; Green printing & throughout; : it was mainly using a method of direct rotation, use elastic plate bumps, anilox roll pass water-based ink printing way. Usually is to use green carton water-based ink printing carton, color box, paper cups, paper towels, paper bag and other paper products. It has characteristic of letterpress and offset printing, from the ink, its structure is simple and gravure has similar characteristics, besides flexible printing has the following unique characteristics: 1, flexible plate using resin plate, has the characteristics of soft and flexible, full of elasticity, when printing the cartons of water-based ink transfer performance is good. Plate printing endurance high, generally over millions of India. 2, plate-making cycle is short, simple plate-making equipment, plate making cost is low, usually make a multi-color gravure cylinder of the cycle of 5 ~ 10 days, about 5 hours and flexible plate making, plate making cost is one over ten of the gravure plate making fee. Can be used by the water soluble resin, pigments, water and other low cost material composed of water-based ink printing, color change, available water reducing cost such as solvent ink color change with cleaning agents. And flexo printing is simple, easy to transport, reduces the for downtime caused by waste. 3, a wide range of substrates can print different quantitative paper and cardboard, corrugated board, plastic film, adhesive paper, etc. , the types of substrates than gravure. 4, machinery and equipment, simple structure, low cost, the equipment investment, it is because of the ink transfer line is short, the less ink components, make its structure is relatively simple, so the equipment investment is lower than the same size of offset press, and gravure press. 5, wide application range, water-based ink printing all kinds of composite flexible packaging products available carton label, folding carton, paper, envelopes, cartons, paper cups, paper bags, etc. 6, can use pollution-free water-based ink cartons, quick drying, flexible printing production line can use water-based ink cartons, no pollution to the environment, no harm to human body. So called & throughout; Green printing & throughout; , which are widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging, very beneficial to environmental protection. 7, printing speed, high efficiency, short production cycle, the printing speed is generally offset press, and gravure press 1. 5 ~ 2 times, to realize the high-speed multi-color printing, usually with drum type materials, high-grade water-based ink cartons available for double sided and multicolor printing. Especially flexo machine with glazing, bronzing, indentation, die-cutting processing after the printing equipment, post-press processing continuous production line, equipment comprehensive processing ability. As a result, production cycle is shorter than the other printing process, saving process after the recruitment, so call flexographic printing & other; Multimedia & throughout; Processing production line. 8, high economic benefit, using the drum type material, can be used with a lot of post-press equipment online, greatly shorten the printing cycle. Is only 10% ~ 20% of gravure plate fees, ink consumption less than one-third of the gravure, power saving 40%, the rejection rate is only 1% ~ 2%, below the gravure and offset printing, which reduces the production cost. 9, good printing quality, flexible version of the cardboard boxes are water-based ink printing product color thick, hierarchy is exquisite, high resolution, color printing products. 10, belong to light pressure printing, in the common way of printing, embossed 4 mpa pressure 5 mpa, intaglio printing, flat printing pressure is zero. 4 to 1. 0 mpa and flexo printing pressure is only 0. 1 to 0. 3 mpa, so flexographic printing is particularly suited to the cartons water-based ink printing corrugated board etc. Unable to bear too much pressure on the substrates of printing.
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