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Luke carton water-based ink tell you where is the difference between the paper and cardboard

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-06
Water-based ink well in carton factory for you to explain: in a broad sense, paper is contains two term paper and cardboard. Cardboard and paper structure and fillers are the same, the difference is only its quantitative ( Have relative weight per square meter area of sheet) To distinguish. Most people generally called the 200 g / ㎡ paper paper; The paper is called board of more than 200 g / ㎡. According to Luke carton water-based ink, paper and cardboard quantitative regulation in our country used to be: under 150 ㎡ called paper; In more than 200 g / ㎡, called the cardboard. Will be between $150 and & ndash; 200 g / ㎡ between called paperboard ( Base paper) 。 We usually call tissue paper, called the thick paper board. But in order to communicate with foreign information, communication technology, now in accordance with the international standards organization's advice, the difference between paper and cardboard standards for quantitative determination of 225 g / ㎡. Luke professional r &d and production of water-based ink cartons, either in paper or cardboard printing, can achieve the color saturation, color pure, clear graphic effects, such as carton water-based ink is mainly used in corrugated paper, kraft paper, white board and other absorption paper, printed on the cartons, paper bags, paper boxes, envelopes, paper napkin and so on, with excellent printing eligibility, to the environment and environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, nonflammable, drying quickly still can save cost for printing factory, etc.
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