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Luke carton water-based ink, the G20 summit international development trend of the packing!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-10
Well in the cartons, water-based ink manufacturer for two days at the G20 summit has just ended, hangzhou xi President pointed out in the closing speech, the concerted efforts of the parties, hangzhou summit of G20 leaders reached many important consensus. One, we are determined to indicate the direction for the world economy, path planning. The growth mode of two, we are committed to innovation, energy for the world economy. Three, we determined that the global economic and financial governance, enhance the risk resistance ability of the world economy. Four, we are determined to restore the role of international trade and investment in the two engines, build an open world economy. Five, we are determined to promote the development of tolerance and linkage type, let the g20 cooperation to benefit the world. Packed in cartons water-based ink printing paper is the green packaging of people, in the aspect of saving energy, saving resources, has many advantages. In the context of the international market, food paper packaging time has come. At present, the development of international paper printing technology to present the following new features: single material to develop in the direction of multilayer material; Offset printing, gravure, flexo printing a variety of ways, and available for environmental carton of water-based ink in the ink flexo printing faster; Sheet-fed to develop in the direction of paper rolls, single machine to online production; All kinds of related to integrated application of new technology ( Such as computer design, digital technology, laser processing technology and new materials, etc. ) Constantly optimize the whole production system. Is the development trend of foreign paper container: a forming mold of paper container will gradually take the place of die cutting composite paper container now; Deep plastic coated technology gradually replace the old wax; Compound technology of paper container development skills; CAD and CAM system will make the paper container design and shorten the manufacturing cycle. In addition, the paper products packaging focus on developing low gram, high-grade paper Gao Qianghua, lightweight, standardization, seriation, many varieties, more than base material, multi-purpose target. Future of circular economy is expected to become the main mode of packaging industry, packaging waste recycling utilization of resources, will achieve industrialization and the use of water-based ink printing cartons will receive vigorously develop green packaging materials and development, basic industry will accelerate the development of packaging.
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