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Luke carton water-based ink, the main purpose of the carton packaging!

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-08
Carton packaging that is commonly used in our daily life, use is very extensive, corrugated board as a packaging material, low cost, light weight, and has certain strength and stiffness, and neat appearance. Cartons and can use the green water-based ink printed on all sorts of goods design and elegant decoration advertising, can adopt automatic line for production of high mechanized degree, can also recycle waste paper board. In packaging, corrugated board gradually replaced the board; Corrugated carton step by step instead of wooden cases. With corrugated carton packaging can also save high price of packaging materials such as metal, wood, especially in the present situation in the world generally feel lack of wood resources, especially has a special significance. Carton packaging use very much, including the use of water-based ink printing soft drinks cartons, garment and textile, medicine, food, supplies, instrumentation, hardware, electrical products, rubber products, the packing of the products, and other small commodities for fragile products such as glass, porcelain, enamel ware, instruments, and heavy goods such as furniture, washing machines, TV sets, refrigerators, bicycles, motorcycles, oversize sponge mattress and so on all need to high-grade corrugated carton carton of water-based ink printing as the packaging and shipping containers, and protect the goods can reach the marketing effect. In recent years is also loaded with dry goods transportation is difficult, such as eggs, live fish with water, flowers, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish, etc. , using water-based ink printing the carton with water-based light oil glazing can protect the goods will not be affected with damp be affected with damp, not afraid of tan increase storage time. In water-based ink manufacturer is a focus on research and development enterprise environmental protection water-based ink cartons, the research and development of water-based ink cartons can be applied in all of the carton packaging and printing, in addition to the ink itself environmental non-toxic, bright color, no fading, easy to clean. Carton water-based ink has the advantages of waterproof sunscreen, wear-resisting, whether put the refrigerator, or can protect the text pattern direct sun discoloration, deformation, no fading, is special carton packaging printing ink.
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