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Luke cartons waterproof light oil effectively improve beer cartons moistureproof performance

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-04-14
The beer on the market of base paper including corrugated paper and corrugated board paper, white paper board, etc. , the paper is sensitive to moisture, under the condition of the damp environment prone to moisture absorption. After the beer cartons be affected with damp be affected with damp, the intensity will drop dramatically, beer belong to heavy weights, carton strength decline will directly affect the normal circulation of the products, generally available drying machine to tide, the sun and the wind blow, but the efficiency is low, and be affected with damp be affected with damp in transit will not be able to use these methods to deal with. Waterproof light oil well in carton manufacturers think it is important to pay attention to effectively control from production source, by the control of raw materials and production technology, to improve beer cartons moistureproof performance. Effective way is through glazing to strengthen the cartons moistureproof effect after printing, this is the commonly used packaging products after printing craft, use cartons waterproof light oil glazing for carton product, can make prints enhanced resistance to water, sun resistance, abrasion resistance and stain resistant performance, can improve the surface brightness of products at the same time, make the grade of the product is greatly increased, commonly used printing machine or polishing machine. Glazing coating has a variety of structures, but relative to the solvent oil polish and UV glazing oil, water-based waterproof cartons of light oil formula is designed for paper box, paper carton design, more in line with the product performance, in line with the ROHS environmental protection requirements, polishing effect is good, price is low. In addition to use cartons waterproof light oil glazing after printing to increasing moisture-proofing properties, waterproof light oil well in carton manufacturer also remind everybody, attention should be paid to make the cartons moistureproof inventory warehousing, the storehouse to maintain good ventilation and dry conditions, to control the temperature between 20 ℃ and 25 ℃ advisable. Carton is finished product stored directly on the ground of avoid by all means, and should use plate mat piled high, prevent moisture absorption and make the carton strength declined dramatically. Carton outbound use more trouble, trouble, used his first turn out incoming carton, first, to prevent the cartons piled up for a long time, hygroscopic deformation and impact on quality.
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