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Luke new environmental protection plastic ink product introduction

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-24
Product ingredient: um, plastic ink is mainly by the import acrylic resin, high-grade colorants, additives and other components. Product features: water-based plastic printing ink is environmental protection, no inflammable and explosive, safety, non-toxic, tasteless, comply with ROHS environmental protection requirements. Is instead of the green solvent ink printing ink, can satisfy the design and colour of low-speed gravure flexo printing, printing speed highest one minute of 150 meters, anti-corrosion plate, the operation is simple, the product also has good flow property, stability and post-press strong adhesion, fast drying, good abrasion resistance and brightly colored. Product advantages: 1, the company of water-based plastic ink completely customize exclusive exclusive formula, according to the needs for enterprise printing effect is better, and can reduce the printing cost. 2, the quality supervision system is perfect, each customer independent archives formula structure, each order is the extract formula production inspection system, ensure that every product quality. 3, selection of imported raw materials, stable raw materials, plastic film is very strict to the requirement of raw materials, the grace has been the idea of is must be stable product quality, customers can be stable. We never because small profits change the raw materials, product quality is not stable, don't steal work refueling practice ability has always been customer trust. 4, perfect after-sales service: one-to-one counselling support technology, every sample and big goods out a professional engineer on-site or telephone guidance, help customers to debug in the provincial ink and achieve ideal printing effects. Details: 1, water-based plastic printing ink technology parameters: viscosity PH fineness of wear-resisting performance 4 # cup eight of 11 ~ 18 seconds/wood. 5 ~ 9. 5 ≤ 8 um 200 times / 4 pounds note: the above technical parameters as the concrete way printing materials and printing equipment, film, special requirements need to customize. 2, suitable substrate: water-based plastic printing ink can be used for PE ( HDPE /LDPE) 电脑。 OPP。 PVC。 PET plastic film printing, etc. ( After corona, 38 dyne above) 3, suitable mechanical: water-based plastic printing ink is suitable for gravure, flexo printing process ( First the printer should have good drying equipment, make to the surface temperature of 60 ℃ - substrates Between 80 ℃, the strong wind. Because each kind of press drying equipment is different, the position of the sensor are also different. Such as the length of the oven is not enough, thin film when walking, the temperature of the oven to the first half is short of the temperature of the thermometer shows, that is to say, the thermometer shows the temperature is not the same as the drying temperature on the surface of the substrates, it had a lot to do with wind, etc. So the drying temperature is also a 80 degrees, different factory have different printing speed. Another location, the wind out of oven cannot have blown down, lest cause the phenomenon such as plug version. ) 4, product specifications: 20 kg, 25 kg/barrel. Directions for use: use the former should be stirred evenly, keep ink internal component gets mixed uniformly, ink after opening, store seal shall be affixed to the ink and wash painting, prevent dust drops and dry solid crust, if residual ink with impurity, must first filter, combined with new ink is used, the water after the ink cannot be kept for a long time to run out on the same day as soon as possible, avoid waste their storage temperature 5 ℃ - blasting 35 ℃, general storage life of sealing condition for 12 months.
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