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Luke water-based ink cartons, carton city production capacity will reach 500 million in China

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-10
Luke carton water-based ink manufacturers understand in recent years, yuncheng in shanxi jishan county to packaging printing base in the Midwest, the park has the papermaking, printing, packaging enterprises 108, annual production carton of 400 million square meters, annual output value of 1. 2 billion yuan, drive the employment of more than 8000 people. Most of the park enterprises use of environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons to production printing, products more pin to hebei, henan, gansu, xinjiang and other provinces and cities, and as the products are exported to abroad is known as & other Throughout China carton city &; 。 Press is currently running at full capacity in 5 years the park's production capacity can reach 500000 tons, complete the gross value of industrial output 3. 5 billion yuan, realize profit tax of 300 million yuan, providing 20000 jobs. Luke carton is water-based ink manufacturer & other; Throughout China carton city &; Supplier of raw materials, has a strong r&d team, professional sales personnel, high-quality after-sales service. We produce carton water-based ink quality is good, bright color, waterproof and excellent wear resistance, non-toxic harmless to ensure the park production line worker's health, at the same time environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons to protect the environment from pollution, got the park each big enterprise's consistent recognition and attention.
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