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Luke water-based ink cartons, carton corrugated roller's influence on the product

by:Sinograce Chemical     2021-03-23
Corrugated roller as corrugated board forming dies, if stick on its foreign bodies, etc will affect the forming quality and strength of the corrugated cardboard. Corrugated roller in the molding of corrugated paper work is in a state of constant with the corrugated paper strong frictional contact, there is friction inevitably appear wear phenomenon, thus, water-based ink well in carton manufacturer to conclude that the following several kinds of corrugated roller wear the speed: 1, machine components are bad situation when corrugated roller head, bearing wear or damage, loose caused the corrugated roller, parallelism and stare blankly tooth damage phenomenon, is prone to flat stare blankly, stare blankly, high and low stare blankly, degumming, bubble collapse and corrugated board thickness to reduce quality problems, in addition, old single machine, guide paper appear wear and dirt, and the corrugated roller clearance is too large, easily beating for corrugated paper happen, caused by the poor bonding and stare blankly phenomenon. Carton water-based ink manufacturer, all of these bad phenomenon exists, will reduce the compressive strength of the cartons, should according to the parts of the frequent malfunction, corresponding measures for processing. 2, the quality of corrugated base paper for corrugated roll material is bad, the bad influence of corrugated base paper paper contains impurities and dust is, the more the more rough paper, on the corrugated roller wear coefficient is higher, so in order to reduce the abnormal wear of the corrugated roller, should try to take paper is smooth, good quality corrugated base paper for production, good quality base paper also help carton water-based ink printing color, the printing effect to improve printing quality. 3, corrugated paper painting in the face of the bad influence of corrugated roller wide single machine is often used in the production of a narrow corrugated paper, and the positioning of the corrugated paper in the middle position in the corrugated roller production, easy to quicken the middle part of the corrugated roller wear prematurely cause roller surface appear & other; The concave & throughout; Phenomenon. As often as possible should be paid attention to transform a narrow corrugated paper in the production position, make the ends of the corrugated roller and roller in the middle part of the uniform wear, prevent the production of corrugated paper with wide cardboard corrugated appear obvious differences, affect the quality of the corrugated board products may also affect the cartons skew water-based ink printing. 4, the influence of the corrugated roller surface coating process quality found in production practice, use the same plating process to repair the same corrugated roller, due to the differences of different batch spraying process control, corrugated roller wear-resisting degree difference is very big also, in the case of production basic same, corrugated roller wear coefficient difference can reach 30%, the use of wear and tear of the corrugated roller should choose reliable manufacturer production technology, the scale and conditions for plating to repair, to ensure that corrugated roller coating processing quality, improve its service life, reduce the production cost. 5, machine operation adjustment improper influence of corrugated roller en carton water-based ink manufacturers think it should be noted that in use in the process of operation, the improper operation will cause the corrugated roller work related parts wear and tear, damage, can also cause of corrugated roller bias is not run normally, then aggravate the corrugated tooth surface worn or damaged, so the machine should stop ultra-high speed under the situation of idle running, this is also should prevent damage of roller gear is not normal wear and tear, it is worth noting that the operation matters. 6, machine maintenance of corrugated roller adverse effects in the process of production every day to pay attention to timely use the brush to clear the sand on the corrugated stare blankly tooth powder and other impurities, strictly according to the requirement of the equipment for lubrication and maintenance, and use environmentally friendly water-based ink cartons, do not use corrosive solvent ink, regularly check the machine, such as roller bearings have a shortage of oil or wear and tear, will influence the normal engagement between corrugated roll stare blankly, make the work resistance of the corrugated roller in the operation of increases, increased mechanical parts wear and tear, production of corrugated board quality will also be affected, carton water-based ink manufacturer again pay attention to the timely replacement of damaged roller bearings, work to ensure the normal operation of the corrugated roller, prevent abnormal wear roller gear tooth surface.
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